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Adds several features and game mechanics! Tired of your kingdom randomly declaring war and peace without your say? Want to declare war and make peace from the diplomacy screen? Want to send out messengers? Want an end to those endless wars? Diplomacy Fixes adds all this in an easily configurable experience.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • French
Adds additional functionality to the Diplomacy section of the Kingdom Management Screen.

If you are running MCM standalone, make sure to upgrade to MCM 3.1.4 or higher and load it before Diplomacy Fixes in the load order.

Mod Configuration Menu (which this mod includes) is not yet compatible with the latest version of ModLib. By unchecking the "Override Modlib Option Screen" setting in the Mod Options page, a second Mod Options section will appear that will allow you to change settings for ModLib-enabled mods.

  • v1.3.3 - Compatible with Bannerlord e1.3.1 and Bannerlord e1.4.
  • v1.4.1 - Compatible with Bannerlord e1.3.1, Bannerlord e1.4, and Bannerlord e1.4.1.
  • v1.4.1 - Compatible with Bannerlord Beta e1.4.1.

Current Features:
  • Stops your kingdom from making war/peace decisions with your say. Now you're in full control!
  • Allow the player to use Declare War/ Propose Peace buttons on the Kingdom Diplomacy screen at the cost of influence.
  • Allows the player to send a messenger to any character at the cost of influence. This can be done on the Encyclopedia page or the Diplomacy page of Kingdom management.
  • Full Localization Support
  • War Exhaustion mechanic, where kingdoms are more likely to propose peace as time goes on. (v1.1.0)
  • If you led the assault on a settlement, you'll get the option to keep your fief instead of a vote determining the owner. (v1.1.3)
  • War Exhaustion display on the Kingdom/Diplomacy screen. (v1.1.6)
  • War reparations cost (gold) if the player proposes peace when losing a war. (v1.1.8)
  • Granting fiefs to clans of your kingdom via the Kingdom Management screen and Encyclopedia. (v1.3.0)
  • Added maximum war exhaustion threshold for AI kingdoms to declare war so they won't declare war with high war exhaustion. (v1.3.1)
  • Almost everything is configurable!

War Exhaustion
War exhaustion is a new mechanic introduced in v1.1.0. This is a score that builds up over time until it forces a kingdom to make peace with another kingdom. Contributing factors include:
  • Duration of the war
  • Casualties
  • Settlements Lost
  • Villages Raided
Currently, the score required for an AI faction to propose peace with either the player or another AI faction is 100. The amount of war exhaustion incurred by an event is configurable in the mod options page!
Claim Player-Taken Settlements
The ability to claim player-taken settlements without a vote was introduced in v1.1.3. Within an in-game hour of taking a settlement, you will be prompted about whether you want to claim it for yourself. This will bypass the vote and give you your settlement!

Sending Messengers
Messengers can be sent to any character through that character's Encyclopedia page. Messengers can also be sent to kingdom leaders through the Kingdom Diplomacy page. Sending messengers costs influence. These costs can be configured through the Mod Options page on the main menu. 

Note: As of v1.1.5 messengers will not arrive when the player is engaged in another event, like a siege, raid, or staying at a settlement. This was done to prevent some crashes until I am able to work it out. If the player is on the world map doing other things, messengers will arrive.

Feel free to review the roadmap on Trello!

Scrapped features:
  • Some kind of balancing on influence. Influence gain is too slow until Council of the Commons is passed where it becomes too fast. (fixed in Bannerlord e1.3)
  • Increase the influence cost of making peace when the player kingdom is losing a war and decrease the cost when the player is winning a war. (covered by war reparations costs)
  • Call for a kingdom vote on whether to declare war or propose peace. This would act as an alternative to the current system. (added in Bannerlord e1.4.1)

This mod is compatible with existing save games and can be removed from saves safely as of v1.0.5.

Mod Compatibility

Compatible with:
  • DiplomacyReworked
  • Modlib
  • MCM - If you are running MCM standalone, make sure to upgrade to MCM 3.1.4 or higher and load it before Diplomacy Fixes in the load order.
Not compatible with:
Semi-compatible with:
  • Community Patch - thanks to Insaneo777 for reporting. You must move the CommunityPatch after Diplomacy Fixes in the load order until they fix this issue.

  1. I recommend using Vortex to install mods for Bannerlord. it makes the process for installing and managing the updates of mods very easy. It also prevents installation issues that can occur. 
  2. Using a mod launcher that can help order mods properly can prevent mod conflicts. Bannerlord Mod Launcher is the launcher that I use and is well-supported.
  3. If you are running MCM standalone, make sure to upgrade to MCM 3.1.4 and load it before Diplomacy Fixes in the load order.

If you are experiencing crashes, there are a few ways that will help me troubleshoot the issue. Please report it in the bug section.
As part of the bug report, please provide:
  • the version of the game
  • the mod list & load order
  • the context or action that caused the crash
  • And if possible: the save file

With this information, I should be able to pinpoint the cause of the crashes and release a fix!

Known Bugs
  • A duplicate "Mod Options" menu may appear. This is an issue with the MCM mod which this mod uses for its menu. It has been reported and is being looked at.
  • The encyclopedia may become confused. Saving and reloading the game should resolve this.
  • Making peace can cause a crash because of a native bug. This is rare.

This mod has full localization support. Feel free to create translation mods!

Recommended Mods
  • Bannerlord Mod Launcher - incredibly helpful for modifying and saving load orders and activating/deactivating mods.
  • Sound The Alarm - this mod will add pop-up windows that notify you events, like declaring war and making peace!
  • BetterExecptionWindow - this mod will display a useful error message when the game crashes.

I'm open to more contributors to the project. Check out the project on Github.

I've set up a Discord Channel for discussion, bug reports, suggestions, etc.