About this mod

A vanilla-friendly mod for the campaign and sandbox modes of Bannerlord. Diplomacy's goal is to provide balanced, fun, and creative options for characters to have an impact on the world, including both the player and NPCs. Diplomacy creates more believable world behaviors while giving the player the agency to shape their world.

Permissions and credits
  • Ukrainian
  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Messengers
  • Alliances
  • Non-Aggression Pacts
  • Grant fiefs to clans in your kingdom
  • Claiming fiefs that you led the assault on
  • Improved Diplomacy User Interface
  • Vassal Diplomacy Control
  • War Exhaustion
  • Expansionism
  • Donate Money to Lords
  • Influence Balancing
  • Factions and Civil Wars
    • Secede from an existing kingdom.
    • Force the ruler of a kingdom to abdicate the throne.

Diplomacy requires the following dependencies. You may need to update them to run the mod:

The recommended installation procedure for Diplomacy is through Vortex. Simply download and enable the mod through Vortex, ensuring that the dependencies are loaded first in the load order. Do not use Vortex for mod ordering and/or launching the game though, it sometimes has issues that a hard to diagnose.

It is strongly recommended to use Bannerlord Software Extender (BLSE). BLSE takes care of many potential headaches when using mods.

Diplomacy is compatible with the vast majority of mods. It can be installed mid-game with no issues. It can be removed at any time.

Bug Report
Create bug reports either through Nexus or by creating an issue on the Github repository.

This mod has full localization support. Feel free to create translation mods! Or you can help work on built-in, community-managed translations via Crowdin.


Can I install this midgame?

Diplomacy can be added or removed at any part of a campaign or sandbox game of Bannerlord.

How does Diplomacy work with saves that use Diplomacy Fixes?

Diplomacy replaces Diplomacy Fixes. When upgrading from Diplomacy Fixes, ensure that you disable or remove Diplomacy Fixes before enabling Diplomacy. Any save data from Diplomacy Fixes should be retained if you load a save created with Diplomacy Fixes enabled.

My game crashes!

Provide a crash report. A full crash report, not a screenshot or copypasted part of it! Any reports of your game crashing without a submitted crash report will not be investigated. Most likely they will not even be answered, or the answer will be just a copy of this text.

Join our community Discord Server for discussion, bug reports, suggestions, etc.

Note that the previous server is currently unmoderated and has been infiltrated by spammers, so the new server should be preferred.

The Diplomacy Team:

Special thanks to any other contributors to the project, who can be seen on the Github repository.