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Warlord mod brings the old features from Warband, but with Bannerlord flavor added to them. These features include; Feasts, Manhunters & Deserters, Nobility, Books(Scrolls), Reactive Companions, Ambushes, Tavern Drunks, Claimant Quests, Standard Arena Equipment and classic voice lines. All of them can be disabled via config.

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Мод также на русском (Благодаря sanyaog)

Bringing back Warband features to Bannerlord as one-pack. What does this package include?
  • Feasts
  • Claimant Quests and Claimant Separatist Factions
  • Books & Scrolls
  • Deserters and Manhunters
  • Nobility
  • Reactive Companions
  • Beligrent Drunks
  • Bandit Ambush
  • Nervous Man
  • Old Warband Kill Feed

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We all know you were waiting for this feature
  • Feasts can be organized by both AI and player if conditions are met. You cannot organize a feast under these conditions: If you are at war with a Kingdom ( not minor or clans ), if there is already a feast hosted in your Kingdom at that time if you don't have enough money. All conditions are applied for AI lords as well.
  • AI Clan leaders check the conditions above every day, and if conditions are good for feasting, clans ordered from high influence to low start evaluating their financial situation - calculate how many days they can host a feast and after the decision. a feast announcement gets sent out. Hosting feasts give influence to the host. Also every day, they get stewardship skills and leadership skills at the end of the feast if everyone attends.
  • Each AI Clan leader can reject or accept an invitation. This depends on their distance and relationship with the host. This means that if they are too far away, they reject, if they don't like the host clan they can reject. If they reject the invitation, they lose their relationship with the host. If they accept, they gain a relationship with the host. If they accept and do not attend ( because of distance etc ) they lose both relationship and influence. If the clan accepts, they will also be shown on the message board ( also good for players to track/see ongoing feasts) - If the player hosts a feast, the same is applied as above. However, players won't lose relationships when lords reject ( so you have to keep your grudge personally ) Player also earns a little bit extra influence than AI to keep things balanced.
  • When feasts are happening, you will notice leaf/confetti falling on cities. This is an indication of the feast. You can barge in to feast like in Warband as long as you have permission and/or bribed the gate Marshall.
  • Almost every feast also hosts tournaments in town. - When you enter the scene, you will see that there is a musician entertaining the lords and ladies and they clap/enjoy/get drunk, etc. depending on their characters (if he/she is calculating, reads a book rather than being drunk, for example)
  • If a war breaks out during the feast period, feasts get canceled, and you get a notification ( if you are in the kingdom ) and every AI does what wartimes expect them to do. The host would then get refunded its gold, minus some random cost back since the feast didn't happen completely.

Claimant Quests
Brings a completely new roleplaying way to play the game
  • On startup, the game generates 6 claimant heroes for each culture with a unique look. Their names are dynamic and use the same pool as the heroes use but their backstories are depending on their culture.
  • At startup, they are all randomly placed into towns but during the gameplay, they change position ( they never go to towns of the faction that they have a claim on ) - You need to fulfill certain conditions to support them. Otherwise, you cannot select that option. Your clan needs to be Tier 2 or above, you should be in the Kingdom that they have a claim on and your clan needs to have at least 2 supporter notables as a sign of power ( Notables in-game automatically support you when you have good relationships with them )
  • Once you give your oath, you will be part of that Kingdom, which will be at constant war with the claimed Kingdom. You will get a quest notification. - I didn't want to make it too grindy - so the only winning condition is holding more towns than the old Kingdom. In such a case, your quest is completed. Old kingdom's name gets a new postfix "Secessionists". And "Separatists" postfix on your kingdom gets removed, and you become the main kingdom. In the video, I gave all the towns via cheat, so that's why it looks awfully weird to have so many leftover clans in Secessionists, but that's not something you will experience.

Books & Scrolls
Allows you to engage yourself with passive educational activity
  • 7 scholar gets randomly generated with different items. Each starts in one random settlement and later moves to the closest random settlement every week randomly. They cannot be seen on the menu so you have a reason to visit tavern scenes if you seek education.
  • 32 different readable materials were added to the game ( 3 books, 29 scrolls ) Each of them is a unique item in Calradia and can be possessed by one person only. I will list them in the comment section with their names if you are interested.
  • Each of them has a unique effect, which is indicated with skill and + sign. Upon successful reading, you will gain (value * 100)XP on that skill. In the video, we get 3000 Roguery skill points from reading the material. This value also defines their difficulty, which basically means 30 ~= 300 hours of reading. But it's an approximate timeframe because reading speed changes with your skill levels.
  • Players can read materials only if they are stationary. While moving on the campaign map, you cannot read the scrolls. If you are stationary and waiting, you read the top available material each hour, and the reading rate is directly liked to our character's Intelligence level. If it's maxed out to 10, you will read materials faster.
  • If you have multiple written materials, you can only read one at a time and it's the top one. Once it's finished, it will be labeled as Read
  • AI lords can obtain and read the materials as well - which you can also obtain after defeating them in war. Though, AI interactions require some polishing for balance
  • Scholars can obtain/introduce new written materials each week - only if there are written materials that are not in circulation.

Deserters and Manhunters
  • Makes Calradia to feel more alive and dynamic
  • Every unit that is routed during battle and ends up on the loser side will become a deserter. In simulations, every unit that isn't wounded or dead but also on the loser side will be a deserter. Not every unit becomes a deserter army though - it's tied to some random value. Routed winner units rally back to their armies. ( which probably can be tied to some skill )
  • Each week, towns will assess the surrounding situation (count of bandits and deserters on the loose) and generates manhunter parties.
  • Manhunters do have their own troop tree and can be only obtained if you release them from imprisonment. Like in Warband they only have blunt weapons to take them alive. They hunt every bandit around them as long as they can keep going. Once they have enough prisoners, they sell them in towns and buy food with the gold.
  • If you want to cause some chaos, you can also attack manhunters by selecting the aggressive option.

  • Brings the "you are no one" experience back
  • If you don't pick the noble (first option) in parent selection, you start as a commoner. This means you won't have your unique banner and won't carry it on the Campaign map. You cannot change it in any way during the gameplay. You have to stick to commoner color.
  • Once you become Tier 1, you gain recognition, and the system will prompt you to edit your banner. From that moment on, you will continue having the banner.  - As a Commoner, you can still gather recruits and companions. Your clan name/tab still exists and is usable.
  • If your parents were nobles, it acts as a regular Sandbox game that starts with a banner.
  • Since in the game Tier 0 clans already cannot join kingdoms or become mercenaries, as a commoner you need to fight with bandits and resolve quests to gain recognition in Calradia

Reactive Companions
Hear stories from the locals
  • Added 10 unique location and culture-dependent stories and 5 praise or complain dialogues. All of them are from Warband but Bannerlordized with faction and location names changed.
  • They now understand where they are and they will give share some stories with you depending on their culture as shown in the video.
  • After the battle, depending on how the battle went,  they will also share their complaints or praise other companions. Picking sides will affect your relationship with companions. Which makes them look more human with some form of a character.
  • Killing villagers, raiding villages also trigger certain dialogues based on their traits ( Example: if they have roguery, they even approve and you get a relationship increase )
  • You won't hear the same story again from another companion, so increasing the story pool would be the best choice for immersion.
  • I also had another idea to bring into this, which wasn't part of Warband but something I thought could bring more immersion. But I didn't have time to finish it up so perhaps in the next cycle I can check it.

Belligerent Drunk
Who doesn't like a small brawn in tavern
  • Randomly generates belligerent drunk in taverns, like we had in Warband.
  • Dialogues are exactly the same as what we had in Warband as well,
  • If your renown is more than 350, you also get "Do you have any idea who I am?" option which is later responded by a drunk with line "Emmmm... Actually... Yes, yes, I do know who you are, sir. Please forgive me, your grace -- it must be the drink. I'll be leaving, now" to avoid unnecessary conflict.
  • I didn't make agents flee on purpose so that it would give you the feeling that this is something happening rather regularly.
  • Tavernkeepr responds in the same way and gives you drunk's sword.  You also gain small roguery skills after successfully removing drunk.

Bandit Ambush
Nights are full of terror (if you are rich and wandering in low security town)
  • Bandits/thieves can attack you if you visit villages or towns at nighttime. It can happen when you wanted to walk in the street or when you are entering a tavern.
  • This event can only happen at nighttime. You are totally safe in daytime.
  • This event isn't entirely random. If it's a town, the system checks the town's current security level - meaning that if the town has low security, it's more likely that you will experience such unpleasant moments. For villages, if there is an active hideout nearby, it's very likely that this will happen. If not, it's linked to some random value.
  • This gives another reason for players to clear out hideouts, keep their towns' security high, and also creates an incentive for players to invest in their civilian outfit. Because if you get knocked by bandits, you can lose quite a lot of gold.

Classic Voice Lines
  • Voice lines are from Warband and I used the same categories for encounters. Also added the beloved "Away with you vile beggar" line in case you encounter a lord while you are a commoner ( check the other video for understanding commoner status )
  • This doesn't remove existing voice lines added by Taleworlds, it simply adds new ones for certain cases. You can disable this from config if it's not something you want.

Nervous Man
Good old `Hunt Down Fugitive` aka "Nervous Man" quest from Warband in Bannerlord- Randomly generates Hunt Down Fugitive quest for lords. Uses the Bannerlord quest system.
  • Entire quest line is identical ( with the exact dialogues ) to Warband
  • Nervous Man spawns on a distant side of villages - with randomly chosen name ( names are from Warband as well ) and appropriate culture-clothes/gear.
  • When you press ALT it doesn't show up initially, but when you enter the village a second time pressing ALT shows his location ( so that you wouldn't waste time )
  • If you get knocked out, he runs away and the quest fails.
  • If you kill the man, instead of causing damage to the entire village, it only picks random notable from villages and causes -2 relationship damage.

Old Warband Kill Feed
Jeremus knocked unconscious by Vaegir Marksman
  • Adds old kill feed from Warband
  • You can disable it from config or from cheat menu (warband.config.UseOldKillFeed false)

If you don't want some of the features, you can turn them off from ModSettings.json. Or if you want to change some random ratios, you can also tweak it from here as well. But be aware, some features require new save game. Default ModSettings:
    "EnableDrunks": true,
    "DrunkRate": 0.5,
    "EnableAmbush": true,
    "AmbushRateTown": 0.2,
    "AmbushRateVillage": 0.1,
    "AmbushWealth": 1500,
    "EnableNervousMan": true,
    "EnableScholar": true,
    "EnableManhunterAndDeserter": true,
    "EnableNobility": true,
    "EnableFeasts":  true,
    "EnableCompanionReactions": true,
    "EnableClaimants": true,
    "EnableWarbandTournamentGear": true,
    "EnableClassicVoice": true,
    "UseOldKillFeed": true,
    "ClassicVoiceRate": 0.5

I don't like feature X, what can I do?
Well all the features are tweakable. Just go to ModSettings.json and make true part to false for corresponding feature. Save it and you are all set. Some features are not possible to turn off or on in mid game though, due to their nature (like nobility)

What about errors/bugs?
I did my best to eliminate most, but it's very possible to cause unwanted effects. It's kinda loosely tested with new version so I can't confidently say it's bug free. Feel free to report any bugs you encounter during your gameplay. If you see any errors, it should produce a error.log file in the same location.

I did this and that and this happened?

Report it. If you failed to report it in recognizeable manner, I will ignore it though.

I'm getting "Cannot load .../Warlord.dll" error
1. Go to Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules\Warlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client
2. Right click to Warlord.dll, click Properties
3. Click Unblock on the bottom. You are all set. 
if this doesn't work, Google it, you will find a way to resolve it. This is not related to mod.