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MacKom-like heads for TR v.9

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Sup. Never understood what happened with MacKom, but man, whatever it is, I am sorry, you've done your job too good, I can't play Morrowind without your heads now.

Aaaand. TR has too much not MacKom-ed, as of right now, heads. This project is an ongoing work to eventually make all the heads fit the rest, if you, like I am, can't play without MacKom. You should use it with TR Heads and Hair Replacer, cause this mod literally fills in the heads, that the Replacer did not touch on. At least, for now. Possibly even now it replaces some of the heads from it, but believe me you, mine are better (yes, I'm very humble). May be in the future it's gonna be a full replacer on it's own, but it is too much work for me for now.

For now I finished only the newest Nibenese (12 for males, 9 for females), 18 Imperial males (they are all, probably, Nibenese, not sure, lol), 17 Breton males, some with amazing 3d staches, 5 Bosmers males (3 of the "animalistic looking" once and 2 normal) and 2 females, 5 Dunmer males and 1 female, 2 Altmer males and 1 female, 1 Khajiit, and a unique Orlukh vampire, but planning to work on others in near future.

To use these heads for your character you can use TR Heads unlocked or Tamriel Unlimited, or, if you wanna see these heads more then once or twice, just play with full Tamriel Rebuild, there are a lot of NPC, that also use them.

Quick note: I'm aware that breton heads are stuck in the animation loop. No idea for now what to do with it, but I can't deny the majestic staches, sorry xd
BUG DESTROYED HAHAHAHHAHAH (was such fuckery tho)

If you want more head like this, care to visit my other mods Dandion's MacKom-like HeadsDandion's Familiar Looks and Dandion's MacKom-Like Heads for MCA!

Yo. If you like my mods, please, consider endorsing, I will be very grateful.