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Various small mods and WIPs

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Part of the 2018 May Modathon!

Various small mods and WIPs.

M'Aiq on the Mainland
M'Aiq moves around. You may find him on the mainland. He may have new things to say. (A mod for Tamriel Rebuilt)

Corprus Natives
Replaces the Corprus Stalker with a Dunmer version. For those who dislike that it's a human zombie with ears tacked on, despite its excellent animations. Lame Corprus also edited for consistency.
See also these other mods: - N'wah -
- Imperials Go Home -
Morrowind Belongs to the Dunmer -

Ghost Revenge
Newly murdered characters are now drawn to the tombs of their ancestors. You will meet your victims again.


Daedric Faces - WIP implementation of massive Daedric helms as they were originally intended to be. VERY heavy.

Skip CharGen - a set of playtesting tools, skipping New Game.

- NPCs dislike you if you're not the same race.

Tamriel_Unlimited - Enables all races, heads and hair added by Tamriel_Data v06 for character generation. For classes, see Playable NPC Classes.
Reachmen vanilla body - Vanilla body retexture to match the Reachmen heads for Tamriel_Data v06.1

Bad Default Spells - Removes bad spells from the list of spells NPCs can know by default. Makes generic spellcasters more dangerous.

Outlander Yourself - Removes "outlander" from some non-Dunmer voices. Essentially a fix finishing what Bethesda started.

Magic shield effect sparks are invisible in first person view
- (Shield, Fire Shield, Frost Shield, Lightning Shield). Pluginless mesh replacer. Use if you're annoyed by your enchanted items with constant shield effects.

NPC variety animation resource - modder's resource for mods with many NPCs. Animation and pseudo-animation files for NPCing. Can change NPC size, change how weapons are used, amputate arms, or choose death animations for corpses