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All shipwrecks carry a hidden map revealing the location of a unique, non-quest related artifact. Let the treasure hunting begin!

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Uncharted Artifacts gives you a fun way to find the unique items & artifacts in vanilla Morrowind that are NOT related to ANY quests. Meaning you'd never normally find them except through random encounter. It also makes water exploration & discovering shipwrecks more fun with the maps hidden within. Let the treasure hunting begin!


  • 23 Treasure maps hidden in every shipwreck around Vvardenfell to discover 23 Vanilla Unique Items / Artifacts.

  • Each shipwreck contains 1 hidden treasure map. The maps are hidden inside in a variety of ways. If if the map is locked... there will always be a key hidden somewhere in the shipwreck. Adds more to the fun.

  • 4 new shipwrecks added so there are now shipwrecks almost evenly spaced all around Vvardenfell. 

  • Decipher the treasure maps, learn Daedric, reveal hidden map elements & discover how to best read them.

  • Each map is vague enough to be challenging, & randomized so the correct location is never in the same place on any two maps.

  • A message feature notifies you when you discover the correct location if the treasure map is in your inventory.  (thanks Danae123)


1. Use your preferred mod installer tool and drop the content of the zip in your Data Files folder

2. Enable Uncharted Artifacts.esp

(Compatible with: Tamriel Rebuilt, OpenMW, Rebirth) 

1. Will you add more treasure maps?
If you say how much you LOVE this mod, maybe.

2. Where do I find the treasure maps?
Each shipwreck contains a hidden treasure map. Some are easier to find than others, once you find a shipwreck, keep searching. It's there somewhere.

3. Are the artifacts ever located outside?
No. The treasure maps point you to an interior location the treasure is located in. Once you find that location, its up to you to go inside and find it.

4. Have you added any additional artifacts?
No. This mod ONLY points you to Vanilla Morrowind artifacts or unique items. There are NO additional artifacts added.

5. Is this mod compatible with an existing save?
Yes. You may install this mod mid-game.