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Pherim - Stuporstar - Remiros - Reizeron

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A compilation of weapon mesh mods, made to simplify installation, compatibility, and selection of various options. Weapon Sheathing meshes included.

Permissions and credits
Let's just start with a list of what mods are compiled in this mod:

Mods by Pherim
Real Reflective Weapons - Iron
Improved Weapon Meshes - Steel
Improved Weapon Meshes - Ebony
Improved Weapon Meshes - Organic

Mods by Stuporstar
Smooth Glass Weapons
Smooth Orcish Weapons

Mods by Remiros/Flash3113
Nordic Mesh Improvements
Silver Mesh Improvements

Mods by R0/Reizeron
Improved Thrown Weapon Projectiles
Correct Iron Warhammer (optional, modified by Pherim)

So why make a compilation like this? Obviously it's nice to have an all-in-one, but I had reasons beyond that. Getting all these mods to work together along with the popular Weapon Sheathing mod is a little tedious. It's doable, but you have to install a lot of patches and make sure everything is in precisely the right install order. This, plus the number of options available with these mods, makes installing weapon replacer mods like this a bit of a slog.

Hopefully this compilation reduces most of those headaches. The core package integrates all the above mods, including Improved Thrown Weapon Projectiles and what patches were available for it, in one step. The same goes for the Weapon Sheathing package; all patches for these mods and Weapon Sheathing are included here (the actual Weapon Sheathing mod is still required). Other options are laid out in a way that I hope is simple and sensible.

The readme file (under the Docs tab of this page, or in the download file) has more in-depth explanations of what each option entails.

To install, use a BAIN capable mod manager like Wrye Mash or MO2. If using OpenMW, you may install "the OpenMW way" by editing your openmw.cfg file, sort of like this:

data="path/to/mods/Improved Weapon Mesh Compilation/00 Core"
data="path/to/mods/Improved Weapon Mesh Compilation/01 Weapon Sheathing patch"

and so on for each option. For options that add a plugin, activate them in your launcher or edit your cfg file, e.g.:

content=Ebony Claymore.esp

Recommended mods

Other good basic weapon mesh replacer that complement this mod include Oriental Mesh Improvements by Psymoniser, and Adamantium Claymore and Axe Replacers by Rubberman. PikachunoTMs Mesh Artifact Improvements, Daedric Intervention, and Insanity's Dwemer Weapons of Morrowind are also good choices.

To add unique meshes for unique weapons that don't have them in the vanilla game, consider Psymoniser's Iron Mesh Improvements - Uniques (install before this mod and use the included patch), Rubber's Weapons Pack by Rubberman, Pherim's Various Unique Weapons (near the bottom of the Files tab), and Remiros' Uniques. A merged patch should resolve any conflicts.

For armor, a good quick base is Moranar's Better Morrowind Armor, then Pherim's fixes for BMA and Improved Shield Meshes. Note that any other armor replacer mods will either need a plugin loaded after Better Morrowind Armor or a BMA compatibility patch.


I didn't do anything to change these models, textures and plugins. I just reorganized them. Still, there's a chance I goofed something up. If you find a problem, first test it with just the original mod. If it's fine with the original mod, don't bother the original mod author! Let me know about it, and I'll try to figure out where I erred. If the problem is indeed with the original mod, I'm not sure what I can do about it, but it'd be good to know anyway.


It should be obvious, but I deserve basically no credit for the modding efforts compiled here. Special thanks to Pherim, Stuporstar, Remiros, and R0 for either having open permissions or granting permission to compile their work. If you would like to use these models in your own mod, please consult these authors' permission policies first.