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New and more detailed meshes for all ebony weapons.

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Improved Weapon Meshes: Ebony

A TES III: Morrowind Mod by Pherim

Now with Patch for Weapon Sheathing!


Continuing my "Improved Weapon Meshes" Mod series started with new meshes for the steel weapons, this mod includes new and improved meshes for all ten Ebony weapons available in original Morrowind and the Ebony Scimitar from the Tribunal expansion. All meshes are completely done from scratch, except the Ebony Scimitar, which is a carefully subdivided and tweaked version of the original mesh. They all use vanilla texture paths.

I recommend a HD texture replacer like Morrowind Enhanced Textures. Other texture replacers (like Darknut's for example) are fine, too, as long as they work with the vanilla models.

I also made a completely new Ebony Claymore mesh and included an optional plugin which places it in the game. If you don't want to look for it yourself in the game you can look up the location in the extra readme.


This mod is incompatible with all mods that change the meshes of the ebony weapons. Texture replacers work with these new meshes as long as they have the same layout as the original textures, as these meshes use the original texture paths. They are compatible with Darknut's Little Weapons mod, and I highly recommend using them together. Remember to install Darknut's Mods first!

The Ebony Claymore plugin changes only one NPC in the original Morrowind and therefore only conflicts with mods that also edit this NPC (see extra readme). As it is a very minor NPC I doubt that that will be the case for most mods.

Version history

  • v1.0: Original release
  • v1.1: Modified sword blade points to curve outwards, improved dart mesh
  • v1.2: Corrected ebony claymore stats, combined materials in meshes


  • Thanks to Psymoniser for inspiring me to do this mod with his own improved iron meshes
  • Thanks to Darknut for his improved weapon textures, which really make these new meshes shine
  • To the entire Morrowind Modding community for their continued efforts to further improve this fantastic game. It will never die.