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Replaces several unique weapons and shields that repeat models in the game with new ones. As requested.

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Many people have requested I package these weapons together as one - so, here you go. These weapons are higher poly than the original in-game models and have their own new atlas'd textures. Shield model placement has been fixed to stop the clipping kindly provided by Bethesda.

While you're at it, why not sharpen your steel with, Get Sharp!

These weapons may also be downloaded separately if you prefer a particular one.

Pack includes;

Unique Shockbite Halberd
Unique Kings Oath
Unique Dark Sun
Unique Azura's Servant 
Unique Greed
Unique Stormkiss
Unique Staff of Shaming
Unique Axe of Deep Biting
Unique Cloud Cleaver
Unique Solvistapp
Unique Widow Maker
Nord Leg Replacer

Not included in the pack is the Nordic Iron Helm replacer which can be found here.

Please note:

The Nord leg replacer, does indeed, replace the Nord's leg and does not require an esp. If you want to revert back to the wonderful square box vanilla one then simply delete the model from your meshes/w folder and the BSA will replace it when you play next.

I may/ may not add more to this pack at a later date or, on request for a particular weapon.

My book on learning to model is available on Amazon here; An Introduction to Modelling