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Replaces Chitin, Bonemold, Dreugh, and other "organic" weapon meshes.

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Just some improved weapon meshes for the various "organic" weapons: Bonemold, Chitin, Dreugh, Corkbulb, Wood. All weapons and projectiles of these categories in the main game are covered. Includes patches for Weapon Sheathing and Improved Thrown Weapon Projectiles.

The Long Bow mesh comes with a fixed grip position, as the hand is below the grip in the original mesh. It is now a bit longer over all, for symmetry reasons, which can potentially cause clipping in locations where it was placed in the game world. However, I checked that for the original game in the CS, and there is only one place where the tip is just a little bit below the ground. It's barely noticeable, though.

There is also an optional high resolution (2K) texture for the dreugh weapons.

Installation with Wrye Mash or Mod Organizer 2 is recommended. For manual installation, extract the contents of the different options into the Data Files folder of your Morrowind installation. Overwrite Files, if necessary.

As a pluginless replacer, this mod doesn't show up in your load order. It can also safely be installed or removed at any time.

Use the mod manager again to uninstall the mod. Otherwise you'd have to delete the individual files.

Any mods that edit the same meshes. However, overwriting these with this mod should not cause any problems. The meshes should be compatible with all texture replacers.

My mod "Real Reflective Weapons: Iron" also includes the spiked club (w_club00.nif) as a bonus. It is not the same mesh, as the one from "RRW: Iron" uses new textures with custom file names and paths, and the one from this mod uses the vanilla textures. So make sure you don't overwrite the "RRW: Iron" one if you have it installed and want the custom textures.

These meshes can be used for anything, within Morrowind.