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A realistic replacer for the iron weapon meshes and textures with bump maps and reflection maps.

Permissions and credits
Real Reflective Weapons - Iron

A TES III: Morrowind Mod by Pherim

Now with Patch for Weapon Sheathing and OpenMW version!

All assets from this mod are free to use, no need to ask for permission!

Check out my other weapon mods: Improved Weapon Meshes - Steel | Improved Weapon Meshes - Ebony


I made this mod because I wanted to have more realistic and detailed textures for the original Morrowind weapons, which still had a similar style as the original ones. Darknut's weapon textures are probably the most widely used and a great improvement over the original ones, however I think they often make the weapons look like they are carved from stone, which is a result of the upscaling technique he used to make them. Also, since they are only upscaled versions of the originals, they don't have more actual details than those. So I decided to create completely new textures, some made from photos and many completely hand-painted, as well as add reflection and bump maps to the meshes where appropriate.
This mod now covers the first weapon class: Iron. The meshes are derived from Psymoniser's Improved Iron Meshes, of which I have modified most more or less extensively. As I have changed the UV maps of most meshes and my new textures don't fit vanilla meshes or Psy's unmodified ones, I have placed them in a separate folder, so that no textures intended for the original meshes are overwritten, in case someone wants to use other meshes again.

Almost all textures have been entirely made by me, either from photos or completely hand-painted from scratch. I have only adopted some wood textures from Morrowind Visual Pack. Thanks to the original creators! As mentioned above, the meshes are made by Psymoniser and were modified by me.

In addition to the iron weapons I have included two bonus weapons:

  • an improved mesh for the spiked club with more detailed and smooth spikes complete with matchin textures, partially based on the vanilla mesh
  • a completely new mesh for the steel mace with new, detailed textures (may become part of a succession mod to this one with the steel weapons - but I will have to create all meshes for this myself, so it may take some time...)

There are also compatible meshes for Psymon's Iron Mesh Improvements: Uniques included. They can be installed separately, but require both the main files of this mod and the original mod by Psymoniser.

To display bump maps correctly in the game, you need to install Morrowind Code Patch with the option "Bump/Reflection Map Local Lighting" checked! Without this, some of the weapons will look weird ingame. It is not recommended to use these meshes and textures without the Code Patch!


This mod conflicts with other mods that replace the meshes of the iron weapons (or the Bonus weapons). Also, no texture replacers for these weapons can be used with these meshes, as most of them are placed in a separate folder and the meshes will not be affected by replacers for most of the original textures. If you want to use other textures for the iron weapons, you should use either the original meshes or the unmodified meshes by Psymoniser:

Version History

v1.0 Original Release

v1.1 The miner's pick now displays a correctly shaped shadow when equipped instead of the standard axe shadow. I copied the ShadowBox from Daduke's mod of the original miner's pick:

v1.2 Improved Seasplitter Mesh which has much fewer polygons and fits my new textures better, improved smooth shading on many meshes

v1.3 Small update to fix a glitch that would cause the reflection to disappear on some meshes when they were dropped.

v2.0 Changed texture path of rusty iron texture so that it doesn't replace the original one that is used in a huge number of meshes (or that it doesn't get overwritten by other mods). New and better bump maps. Finally included the icons from Psymonizer's original mod. Removed reflection maps from unique weapon meshes, because their enchantment adds one to them, anyway (compatible with magic glow replacers, as long as they don't remove it completely) Mesh improvements all around. OpenMW version.


  • Special thanks to Psymoniser for creating of the improved weapon meshes as well as for making them available to be used and modified for other mods!
  • Thanks to Ayse, Lord Gabryael, Qarl, Raptre, & Zuldazug, the creators of Morrowind Visual Pack, for creating some of the wood textures I included in this mod
  • Very Special thanks to Melchior Dahrk from the official Elder Scrolls forums who pointed me to the way to improve the look of Bump Maps in Morrowind: (
  • Thanks to Hrnchamd for the Morrowind Code Patch
  • Also thanks to Daduke for the corrected shadow of the Miner's Pick