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Makes unreadied weapons appear on the character's hip or back.

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By TES3 Community
An MWSE-Lua mod

Equipped weapons no longer disappear when lowered. Instead they will be shown on the character's hip or back. This new functionality affects both the player and all other characters, and works with all weapons from all mods. Additionally features a comprehensive set of high quality quiver and scabbard assets.

  • Equipped weapons will now be shown on a character's hip or back when not drawn.
  • Bows and Crossbows use visible quivers to display the equipped ammunition.
  • Shields can optionally be moved to the character's back when not being used.
  • Includes a comprehensive set of quiver and scabbard assets for the vanilla weapons.
  • Features work for both the player and all other compatible NPCs/creatures.
  • All weapons are supported, including those from other mods. Custom sheath assets are optional.*
  • Includes an in-game mod configuration menu where you can tweak settings for compatibility.
  • Pluginless and purely event-based. A clean implementation that doesn't consume equipment slots!

*(Throwing items are currently disabled and will be added later)

This mod currently requires either the latest nightly build of MWSE, or the latest nightly build of OpenMW.

If using MWSE, you also need the requirements listed here.

If using OpenMW, open the launcher -> Advanced -> use additional animation sources and enable weapon & shield sheathing

  • akortunov
  • Greatness7
  • Heinrich
  • Hrnchamd
  • London Rook
  • Lord Berandas
  • Melchior Dahrk
  • MementoMoritius
  • NullCascade
  • PetetheGoat
  • PikachunoTM
  • Remiros

All credit for the OpenMW implementation goes to akortunov and the OpenMW team.