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Camonna Tong NPCs will now refuse to provide services to Argonians and Khajiit unless at a very high disposition.

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The Camonna Tong are a bunch of racist thugs who are... apparently completely happy to provide services to Argonians and Khajiit, regardless of disposition? 

Not any more! 

Now NPCs belonging to the Camonna Tong faction will refuse to provide services to Argonian (Race = 1) or Khajiit (Race = 6) player characters, unless you get them to a disposition of at least 90.

Banor Seran (of the Balmora Council Club) will also refuse to rent a room to a beast race PC, unless they've completed the Bloodbath quest.

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For even more horrible Camonna Tong experiences, use Nastier Camonna Tong by Von Djangos

Throw What Thieves Guild? in as well, because the Thieves Guild can't operate openly now that the Camonna Tong are behaving like the villains they were always meant to be.

For that feeling that you need to choose your friends wisely because you're alone in a hostile land where doors can be closed against you if you make one small mistep, try: 

To the best of my knowledge this should be compatible with everything. Might make some quests more difficult for Argonian or Khajiit players, which seems reasonable to me.