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This mod tries to make talking more inmersive by making it pass time, train speechcraft and generally giving NPCs a little more agency (being able to leave conversation if you talk too much or get offended if you fail to persuade them) on how the whole conversation business is handled.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a lua based add-on (that means no OpenMW, I'm so sorry) that I made bacause I wanted the game to recognize the "talking" action some more. I'm the sort of person who still talks to everyone because I like to collect all the topics, even if I've already read them... a lot of times. Also, I kinda wanted more inmersion/role-playing in the whole "you talk everybody's ears off and yet no times passes, and you don't learn a thing about talking better".

And so, I set out to "fix it". So, here are the features this mod has:

  1. Talking passes time (also restoring fatigue, at a smaller rate than it would if you just waited). You can toggle this feature off or can set how many minutes each topic takes. You can configure up to how many hours you can pass time this way, so you don't suddenly find you passed 2 days talking to someone (default maximum is 2 hours). This is completely compatible with Ashfall, by the way.
  2. Taking trains speechcraft. How much you learn is defined by your intelligence and the speechcraft of the npc your talking to (I assume you just learn more from someone who talks well). If you don't find this progression satisfying, check GOOGLEPOX's "Talking trains speechcraft" ( that does the same thing, though we do it differently. As far as I can tell,
  3. GOOGLEPOX's one doesn't train on every topic, but you can configure how much you learn and both mods should be able to work together with no issues.
  4. Talking may raise disposition. On every topic, you have a chance of raising the disposition fo the NPC you're talking to by 1; the better your speechcraft is (also, your luck a little bit), the more likely.
  5. NPCs won't want to talk to you forever. There is a limit to how much every NPC is willing to talk to you each day (how many topics you can choose from them) and it depends on your speechcraft, class, faction, theirs, their disposition and class.
  6.  . When you reach that limit, they'll auto-goodbye you once. You can keep talking to them, after that, but you'll lose progressiverly more disposition the longer you stay. You can set the minimum willingness to speak for everybody, for this so even if your character isn't very likable you'll have enough to run around your business without everyone hating you.
  7. Repetition checking. You can set the mod to remember what you have talked about with each NPC; on repeated topics, you won't get the benefits of previous points (I really mean benefits: you won't train speechcraft or raise disposition, but you'll still pass time if that setting is active). You can set the repetition checking to refresh at the end of each conversation, daily, monthly or never, if you like the idea of "hunting new topics".
  8. If your character is very intelligent, you can learn a bit about some random skill based on the npc you're talking to, if you talk about class specific topics. This one is off by default because I figure a lot of people might not like it, but I wanted it so I stuck it there anyway. If you have this option active, NPCs of the same class as you (only default classes, for now) will bypass intelligence check and you can still learn from them, on class exclusive topics.
  9. Offense/persuasion limitation. This feature only allows you for 3 failures at persuasion attempts on any NPC. If you reach that limit, they will become offended and refuse to talk to you completely till the end of the day. The failures do not need to be consecutive and are remembered all day long, even if you leave conversation and come back later.
  10. Blacklist. There's now a blacklist which you can use for companions or quest characters that have a lot of dialogue and you don't want the limit/other things to bother you. A character in the blacklist won't have their disposition raised by talking to you, will not have any limit to how much you can talk to them nor will help train your speechcraft. HOWEVER, time will still pass by talking to them and they will still get offended if you try and fail to persuade them. I might make the blacklist more configurable later on, but for now, that's it!

There are a few mods that I think work particularly well with this one:
  • Silver Tongue by VitruvianGuar, lets you "read" characters (their disposition, fight and flee values)
  • according to your speechcraft and makes it illegal, but possibly profitable bribing guards.
  • MAB0's manipulated by troctsch makes using illusion spells to manipulate NPCs also illegal,
  • making speechcraft more useful and important when you're dealing with people, at least while your on "civilization".

And that's it for now! I'm working on a "Fast Talk" mod, that uses speechcraft in other ways, too, but that might take a while. I also meant to add the feature of clothes boosting (or harming) your speechcraft, but it's kinda tedious to do and I haven't been too much into modding lately, though. I may try if there's any interest, though... Also, feel free to tell me if you think there are other mechanics that could improve or make dialogue more fun and I may consider adding them here.

Thanks to Morrowind Modding Discord for being nice and awesome, NullCascade and all of the guys behind MWSE (which is the only reason I've ever dared to try modding, the CS terrifies me) and Bethesda for good old Morrowind. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to endorse and comment, I REALLY appreciate it.