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quorn and PoodleSandwich - Jeff Baker - SuperQuail

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Expands quorn's HospitalityPapers Mod

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  • Mandarin
2.7 Update:

Now works in the original engine!

Thanks to SuperQuail for letting me know that the new audio lines were not being heard in the vanilla engine. The reason is they needed to be stored within the "Vo" folder. This has been fixed and SuperQuail kindly updated the esp to reflect the new file location!


In the vanilla game, you were supposed to have to purchase "Hospitality Papers" before being able to get services in Sadrith Mora. Dialogue suggested this, and the papers were available to buy, but the mechanic of service refusal was never actually implemented. quorn made a great straight forward plugin to fix this:


I felt that more could be added to implement this more fully so I expanded on quorn's work.

This plugin contains everything that the original did and more.

Thank you quorn for this mod, it brought my attention to this issue. And thank you for being so generous with your permissions, so that I was able to make this. (If anyone has a contact for quorn so I can thank him more directly, that would be great)

What's New?

- When you get service refusal and are told you need papers, you can now ask what they are and where to get them by inquiring about the topics "Hospitality Papers" and "Gateway"

- According to vanilla dialogue you need Hospitality Papers unless you are kin of house Telvanni or have achieved the rank of Retainer or higher. Just joining house Telvanni will no longer cut it.

- New audio and text dialogue for guards, harassing you about having Papers. Includes newly recorded lines from original Morrowind voice actor Jeff Baker

- An increased unfriendliness from Sadrith Mora guards in general, lowered disposition and hostile audio and text lines, make Sadrith Mora feel truly unwelcoming and xenophobic to outlanders and newcomers, especially non-dunmer, and outright racist if you're an Argonian or Khajiit

- Edited the text of the Papers themselves so that they actually make sense, for example, the original Papers said (paraphrasing for concision):  with these papers you can conduct your business freely, provided that you do not well and truly observe the law.
Now they say (paraphrasing for concision): with these papers you can conduct your business freely, provided that you do not fail to well and truly observe the law.

- Following on from that last point, if you get caught breaking the law in town, your papers will now be taken away

- The papers now cost 50 gold instead of 25, hopefully nowhere near enough to actually inconvenience the player massively or make the game too frustrating, but enough that you might grumble "50 gold?!?..." 

- There is also now a penalty for losing them or having them confiscated (you will have to pay a lot more for a new copy)

- Relevant dialogue is added and tweaked to help you find your way around (providing the NPCs like you enough) as a first time player or someone role-playing being fresh off the boat. New dialogue for the Prefect of Hospitality as well. 

- A unique texture and icon for the Hospitality Papers themselves

+ A bonus mod that better filters guard's dialogue so that non-Imperial guards have slightly more unique greetings and responses to the topic of "Imperial Law". Also, guards will no longer play the audio line "Need I call the guards?" when they don't like you.
EDIT: Now included in the main esp

Recommended Mods

Sadrith Mora Alterations by Lougian (I have included with this mod a compatibility version of the unused vanilla Telvanni window mesh that OpenMW users should install when using Lougian's mod or any other that make use of this mesh)

UPDATE 2023: Please note that i’m only recommending this mod because I like it, it bares no affect on the functionality of this mod. Also I’ve no idea what OpenMW’s
current status is when it comes to meshes working or not. See comments section for details.

Notes for Glow in the Dahrk:

Please note that the optional window fix specular map is compatible with Glow in the Dahrk, but you do not want to use the mesh with Glow in the Dahrk as Melchior’s mod already makes the mesh compatible with OpenMW, and using the ones from this page or Lougian’s will stop them from glowing. 

Also, the Sadrith Mora changes made in the separate Glow in the Dahrk esp are not compatible with Lougian’s mod.

Credits & Thanks

Credits and Thanks to quorn for creating the original HospitalityPapers mod

Special thanks to Jeff Baker, RedFurryDemon, RandomPal, SuperQuail, Slepana and my amazing wife for getting me the Jeff Baker session for my birthday!

Credits and Thanks to leonardo2, ZWolol and cyran0 for helping me out over on the Nexus forums.