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Cloud Storage Warehouse provides a cloud storage layer for Morrowind with a wide variety of powerful access activators.
Incredibly easy to use and makes inventory management a joy!
Weapons, Soulgems, Books, virtually everything a packrat NEEDS can be stored and accessed from any place you call home.

A LUA code driven mod

Permissions and credits
A modder's resource for fast, safe, storage from anywhere in Morrowind.

This is the base for a modder's cross-mod resource for fast, safe, storage from anywhere in Morrowind.
That adds auto-sorting and storage of Items.

It does not however add containers to the world unless you have a supported mod.

To better understand what this mod does try my own compatible mods..
Cloud Storage for Inns and Tavern's - One click store in every Inn and Tavern.
Explorers Magical Bag - A cloud storage compatible Bag of Holding.
Rethan Manor. - My version with a slightly larger interior.
The Wanderers Lodge - Player home in it's own hidden valley.
The Wanderer's Stashes - Small hideaways idea for local storage.
Lithia Manor - player home in Seyda Neen - to be released shortly.
Drathen Hall - A player home in Suran - to be released shortly.

or just search for 'Cloud Storage'

Note! This mod is required by all who want to use the cross-mod cloud storage layer, both modders and players alike

To see all my other releases on The Nexus....

The Cloud Storage Warehouse adds a cloud storage layer to Morrowind.

12 Primary Storage displays provide secure, cross-mod storage, accessible through a wide variety of highly automated and attractive activators.
These activators function much like regular chests in-game, with many styles to fit any decor and playing style.

Whether you want OCD levels of dedicated containers, a single auto sort chest, then Cloud Storage Warehouse has you covered.

Stores currently available:
"Weapons", "Armor", "Cloths", "Ingredients", "Alchemy", "Books", "Scrolls", "Tools", "Apperatus", "Soul Gems", "Keys", "Misc"

All stored items even from other mods that use this system, even if those mods are uninstalled, are held safely as long as this mod is active.

The Panic! menu button will return all stored items from all stores to your inventory in one click.

"Auto" from the store all chests will store your entire inventory. When from an individual type store will only store those type of items.
"Open" from the store all chests will open a separate menu for you too pick from. From an individual store will open the store for that item.

Bloodmoon, Tribunal
MGE XE (Run MWSE-update.exe)

Installation Instructions:
This main file is required for all mods that want to use this system.
Copy all the mods content into your Data Files folder.

To use this system in your own mods is simplicity itself.
All that is needed is to add one or more of the included activators anywhere you want them. That's it nothing more to it.

All resources in this mod can be implemented with drag and drop simplicity. Absolutely NO scripting is required.

You can find copies of all the activators in the cell "tw_Cloud Storage, Activators".
When saving make sure to mark “tw_cloud_storage.esm” as a master for your mod. It is needed.

There is also the cell "tw_Cloud Storage, Misc Items" currently these are not use but are planed for a future mod.

Any new items added by other mods should also be recognised under the groups and stored.
Currently Equipped Items, Items assigned to a quick slot, Explorers Magical Bag, Lock Picks, Probes, Lights and Gold are all excluded from the auto store
proccess for obvious reasons.

There are 6 General Stores Chests of various styles that store everything in one click And upto 12 variations of individual group stores which will store and
retrieve only the group of items represented.
Players can of course add anything to any store manually just by activating and opening the requied store from the menu.

Modders if you need more details just ask :)

Users will need to install and activate this mod to enable the cross-mod capabilities and link all mods that are using this system together.

Morrowind Modding Community particularly NullCascade, Merlord and Greatness7 for lua coding help.
Various Group Meshes: Mika, Danae, CandyGr124, Greatness7, DietBob and "The Wanderer" and other modders resources from the nexus.

Denina, dietBob


Do not edit or change any code in this mod without my permission.
This is a cross-mod storage system any changes will effect everyone else who uses this mod as a base.

Modders Permission:
New items added in this mod can be considered as modders resources and used in your own mods BUT!
the original Meshes, Textures and Folder MUST be used. They are NOT to be copied, moved or renamed.
If you want to do so permission must be obtained first.

Do not copy or add this code anywhere else without my permission.
This is a cross-mod storage system any changes will effect everyone else who uses this mod as a base.