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A player home set in its own hidden valley. Ample storage, Male and Female mannequins, working practise dummies, but best of all it's compatable with the "Cloud Storage Warehouse". You will find these storage containers throughout your home.

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The Wanderer's Lodge
A player home  that is a "Cloud Storage Warehouse" compatible mod set in its own hidden valley.

It’s “BIG”...
It’s Beautiful...
You just know you want it...

“Cloud Storage Warehouse” is required!
Get it at:

Ample Normal Storage, Male and Female Mannequins, working Practise Dummies, working clocks.
But best of all it's compatable with the "Cloud Storage Warehouse".
You will find these cloud linked storage containers throughout your new home.

The Lodge is entered via a virtual cave system the entrance can be seen from the silt strider in Seyda Neen.
Once in the valley then use the row boats to move to "The Lodge", "The Jetty" or back to the "Exit".
This is an upgrade to my previous released Wanderers Lodge.

Any furniture with doors or drawers have them set up as separate containers.

Also contains my Alchemy Boxes which include ingredient boxes for OAAB Data, ST Alchemy and Morrowind Crafting.

Modular Exterior Set by: “Zyndaars”
Bathtub, Canopy bed and Display Cabinet by: “Dongle”
Display Cases by: “Lady E”
Clocks, fireplace and dungeon parts by: “Barabus”
Ship in bottle and various other ornate items by: “Qarl”
Furniture from kw's Rich Furniture pack (greatly expanded on by The Wanderer)
Horror items by “Lady Eternity”
Mannequins by: “Grumblepunk”

Many further item from resource packs from lots of very good modders.
By Connary; Phaedrus; Korana; Tommy Khajiit; Starcon5; Nicholiathan
If I’ve missed anyone... sorry it was not intentional.

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