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This is a dressing room, walk in wardrobe, which is accessed by using a key.
It has 6 full size mannequins and 24 miniture ones a mix of male and female, stone and wood.

Permissions and credits
The Dressing Room

A small round room dedicated to displaying your clothing and or armor. There is ample large capacity storeage containers.

Probably to small in there to accommodate compainions though.

It is Cloud Storage Warehouse compatible. (required)
With the optional file you can also have Self Dressing Mannequins. (see below for more details)

To enter and leave this room use the key you were given.

It has 6 full size mannequins and 24 miniature ones, a mix of male and female, wooden and stone.
There are now also real 3d climbing roses. (Check permissions if you want to use these in your own mods.)

To see all my other releases on The Nexus....

Self Dressing Mannequins:
If you are not already using the mod you can download it here... Self Dressing Mannequins
This is optional but I highly recomend you use it for the added funtionality.
If you are already using it then you can update it to include the miniature mannequins in this mod.
Note: if you have manually updated your mannequin list you will need to merge these two lists.

The Painting:
Don't like the default, activate to select one of three options.

The Clock:
This is a working clock which is set to your game time.

The clock is by Barabus which now has the pick-up option removed.
It is also incombatible with Perfect Placement... it has extra moving parts that PP knows nothing about.

Working clock, coal scuttle, fireplace, picture frame, cabinet, dresser, rug - Barabus.
Mannequins - Grumblepunk
Gas lamp - Qarl
Bedroom furniture, mirror - Parsimonius
Mirror, rose - Sandy
Hair brush, hand mirror, roses - Korana
Furniture - Adele
Tea set - Calislahn
Male grooming kits, combs, luggage, bust, round room, 3d roses and other items - The Wanderer


Modders Permission:
New items added in this mod can be considered as modders resources and used in your own mods BUT!
The original Meshes, Textures and Folder MUST be used they are NOT to be copied, moved or renamed.
If you want to do so permission must be obtained first.

Remember original authors must always be given "Credit".

If you lose your key: