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The Explorers Magical Bag is a Cloud Storage Warehouse compatible bag of holding.
Put your items into the bag and retrieve them from any other Cloud Storage Warehouse compatible mod store.

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The Explorer's Magical Bag is a Cloud Storage Warehouse compatible mod. It behaves like any other bag of holding but it is linked into the Cloud Storage layer provided by the Cloud Storage Warehouse which is required for this and any other Cloud Storage Warehouse compatible mod's to work.

As long as you keep tw_Cloud_Storage.esm installed and active all you items are safely stored even if you unistall this mod.

To use the bag all you have to do is equip it, that is drop it onto you avatar on the left side of your inventory. The bag will automatically return to you inventory and open a menu from which you select what you wish to do. 

"Auto" will sort and store all the items in your inventory.
It will not remove anything you have equipped, any item in a Quick Slot, this Explorers Magical Bag, Gold, Lights, Lockpicks or Probes

"Open" will open another menu where you have the option to open any of the individual safe stores. Stores currently available:
"Weapons", "Armor", "Cloths", "Ingredients", "Alchemy", "Books", "Scrolls", "Tools", "Apparatus" , "Keys", "Misc"

The "Panic!" button will return all stored items from all stores to your inventory in one click.
This will probably make you over encumbered... you have been warned.

It's weight and value are currently 10 and 100 respectively.

“Cloud Storage Warehouse” is required!
Get it at:

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Q.Is it lore friendly?
A.That all depends on your point of view.  A bag of holding is a well established RPG item although it is not specifically mentioned in TES lore.

Q.Is it a cheat?
A. good question...
Morrowind has magic, with magic almost anything is possible.
Morrowind containers can hold a lot of items, a small sack can hold a full set of armour along with many weapons.
This is just a carry-able container.

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Possible Development:
Add MCM menu options.
A mod where all the displays can be bought and dropped anywhere.
If any other modder wants to make such a mod feel free to do so.


Can't be bothered to go fetch it... I've got you covered.
player->additem "tw_bagofholding_misc" 1