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Cloud Storage for Inns and Taverns. A Cloud Storage compatible Mod. This adds a Cloud Storage store 'All' chest activator to every vanilla inn and tavern in Morrowind.

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Cloud Storage for Inns and Taverns

This adds a Cloud Storage store 'All' chest activator to every Inn and Tavern in Morrowind, to auto-sort and safely store all your items and let you access them from any other Cloud Storage enabled mod.

“Cloud Storage Warehouse” is required!
Get it at:

This mod adds Cloud Storage, auto-sorting storage activators by “The Wanderer”, to all vanilla Inns and Taverns throughout Morrowind. For those who are not familiar with the Cloud Storage Warehouse, it's adds a cloud storage layer for your Morrowind items. Let each activator automagically sort and store all
your inventory and you can then access it from this or any other Cloud Storage enabled container from any other mod.

Best of all, you can never lose your stuff! As long as you leave the "tw_cloud_storage.esm" activated it holds all your stuff safely regardless of whether you keep this or any other Cloud Storage mod installed. Mix and match any other mod to your heart's content, or make your own!

"Auto" will sort and store all the items in your inventory.
It will not remove anything you have ‘Equipped’, items in a ‘Quick Slot’, ‘Explorers Magical Pouch’ (if using my mod), ‘Gold’, ‘Lights’, ‘Lock picks’ or ‘Probes’

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Adds a General chest to the following Locations: You will find the chests inside near the entrances to each Inn or Tavern:

Ald-ruhn, Ald SkarInn - to the left of entrance
Ald-ruhn, The Rat InThe Pot - to the left of entrance
Maar Gan, AndusTradehouse - to the left of entrance
Balmora, EightPlates - opposite entrance
Balmora, LuckyLockup - opposite entrance
Balmora, South WallCornerclub - opposite entrance
Dagon Fel, End ofthe World Renter Rooms - to the left of entrance
Sadrith Mora, DirtyMuriel's Cornerclub - to the left of entrance
Sadrith Mora, Fara'sHole in the Wall - to the left of entrance
Sadrith Mora,Gateway Inn- top of stairs on left.
Pelagiad, HalfwayTavern - opposite entrance
Vivec, Black ShalkCornerclub - opposite entrance
Vivec, No Name Club- to the left of entrance
vivec, the lizard'shead - top of stairs down
Vivec, Elven NationsCornerclub - to right of entrance
Vivec, The Flowersof Gold - to right of entrance
Tel Aruhn, Plot andPlaster- botttom of stairs
Tel Branora,Sethan's Tradehouse - top of stairs
Tel Mora, TheCovenant- to right of enterence
Caldera, Shenk'sShovel - to left of enterence
Ebonheart, SixFishes - to left of enterence
Suran, SuranTradehouse - to right of enterence
Molag Mar, ThePilgrim's Rest - to right of enterence
Seyda Neen,Arrille's Tradehouse - top of the stairs

Godsreach,Mournhold, The Winged Guar - to right of enterence

Solstheim, RavenRock, The Retching Netch - to right of enterence
Solstheim, SkaalVillage, The Greathall - to left of enterence
Solstheim, Thirsk,The Mead Hall - to left of enterence

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