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Adds the missing village of Ald Redaynia.

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Adds the missing village of Ald Redaynia.

There are several mentions of a fishing village at the site of Ald Redaynia in both in-game dialogue and books:
The [Azura's Coast] region is rocky, infertile, and largely uninhabited, except for the outpost at Molag Mar, the Telvanni settlements at Sadrith Mora, the wizard towers at Tel Aruhn, Tel Mora, and Tel Branora, and Ahemmusa camp and the remote fishing villages of Ald Redaynia and Dagon Fel on the north coast.

The [Sheogorad] region is largely hostile and uninhabited, with two small villages at Ald Redaynia and Dagon Fel. Dagon Fel is the only settlement reached by ship services; all other island-to-island transport in Sheogorad must be provided by the traveler.

There have been several attempts of implementing said fishing village in the past, but I found all of them unsatisfactory, as I found that they don't axactly capture the feeling of a simple "remote fishing village". So, I attempted my own.
This incarnation of Ald Redaynia is a very old, dilapidated, isolated place, settled by only the local Dunmer and hostile to outsiders. The mod doesn't feature any quest, but has some custom dialogue; the villagers will provide you with directions to nearby quest locations, given enough disposition.

This mod was originally created several years ago but was never properly released. I might update it in near future, so stay tuned.