About this mod

Starwind Remastered is a total conversion mod that brings the Morrowind engine into the universe of Star Wars: The Old Republic and takes place during the events of Knights of the Old Republic.
VERSION 2.0 Beta Update Now Live!

Permissions and credits
This mod requires OpenMW V0.47 or newer!


New Planets, Armors, Weapons, Creatures, Overhauls, and tons of bug fixes!
Changelog: See our Discord for Changelog

Current Features;

165 New Quests!

29 New Playable Races
Arkanian, Cathar, Chagrian, Chiss, Coruscanti, Droid, Duros, Ewok, Gammorean, Gran, Gungan, Ithorian, Jawa, Kel Dor, Lothalite, Mandalorian, Miraluka, Mon Calamari, Nautolan, Rodian, Sand Person, Selkath, Sith Pureblood, Tarisian, Togruta, Twi’lek, Wookie, and Zabrak.
Along with their own racial attributes, powers and abilities.

Over 150 New Weapons
Including; Blasters, Grenades, Vibroblades, Double-bladed Vibroblades, Staffs, Blaster Pistols, Lightsabers and more.
Tons of new armors and clothing tiered along with their relevant weapon sets.

New Massive Lands
Journey across the dune sea of Tatooine, through the multiple jungle levels of Kashyyyk, the beautiful Ahto City and vast ocean of Manaan, the bustling metropolis of Nar Shaddaa, the dangers of Korriban, the peacefulness of Dantooine, the frozen wasteland of Hoth, the mysterious swamp of Dathomir, the ruins of Taris, the Oasis of Gamorr, and the Civil Unrest in Serenno.

Travel Through Space
Aquire your very own Freighter and venture into space, traveling to the planets in your own ship, fighting pirates, looting cargo, mining asteroids and comets, or exploring areas only accessible by space travel!

New Minigames
Race through the multiple obstacle course challenges testing your characters skills and attributes as well as your ability to manuever through dangerous and moving obstacles. Playable Pazaak, Chance Dice, and a version of Dejarik, all interactible cantina minigames!
New Main Storyline; Delve into a brand new lore-friendly storyline set in the same hours as Revan and his crew make their journey to find the star forges, you and your crew embark on a mission to find the source of the dangerous Terentateks.

The mount system has been overhauled and is unique to Starwind, enter a different playstyle while riding on a mount and use their active ability, along with passives in the first person perspective of riding the vehicle/creature.

Many with multiple endings, different rewards, and routes that lead to entirely different cells and dungeons, meaning replayability can be different everytime and the ability to roleplay your character, whether it be good, neutral, or evil.

New Factions
Join the Hunter's Federation, the Republic Fleet or Sith Fleet, The Galactic Bartender's Guild, the Hutt Cartel, and even the hidden GenoHaradan.

Followers and Companions
Plenty of followers to join your party including; a T3 Droid, a Sand Person warrior, an Arkanian grey jedi, a Zabrak dark jedi, a mysterious Jawa, a questionable Rakghoul, a Human mercenary, and a commando of whichever naval fleet you join (Republic or Sith), and a gangster from the Hutt Cartel, as well as multiple pets found throughout the planets.

New Spells
Launch kinetic energy with new effects and spells such as Force Push!

Abundance of Lore
All datapads in Starwind level one of your skills and contain a ton of lore both new and existing Star Wars Legends lore.

Collectibles and Tons of Hidden Easter Eggs
Tons of easter eggs and collectible items to stash within your home or hideout. Can you collect all the Gizka in Starwind? Find the hidden Baby Bantha, Frogzard, or Iago? Find the Fenelar Armor spread throughout the galaxy? Or aquire the holocrons from each planet.

Making mods for Starwind
Other modders have permission to create DLC mods for Starwind as long as they use the .esm as their master file. If you have an idea for a DLC you are welcome to contact me on our discord and talk to me about making additional 3d models for a new area or items, if you need a 3d modeller.
Please see the credits page for the full list of the team that worked to put this mod together.

Enjoy, and may the Force be with you!