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Better HUD for OpenMW 0.48, many different flavors (compass, vanilla, compact, skyrim-like)

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There are five different versions now. Every version includes:
  • A better breath meter (removed the dialog box style)
  • A better sneak icon (eye around the crosshair)
  • A better enemy health bar (repositioned and recoloured)

Pick the version you like the best:
  • 01 - immersive vanilla: Vanilla HUD with 🧭Compass instead of a MiniMap
  • 02 - immersive compact: Vanilla-like HUD with 🧭Compass instead of a MiniMap
  • 03 - immersive skyrim: Skyrim-like HUD with 🧭Compass instead of a MiniMap
  • 04 - compact with map (x2 size)
  • 05 - skyrim with map (x2 size)
(check out the screenshots for comparisons)

Also consider Simple HUD - Mixed Layout from gormleif, which is a cross between my Skyrim and Compact versions!


  • OpenMW 0.48 RC
  • Should work with 0.49+ as well, please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Recommended UI Mods

Known issues

  • (won't fix) Morrowind can mess with HUD positions in certain situation (example: sneak icon is in another place until you leave the tutorial area) - not an issue in 99.9% of the playthrough
  • (won't fix) Disabling HUD elements from the inventory doesn't always work well (depending on the chosen version)

Plans for the future

  • Static replacement for the map in the inventory menu
  • Fade UI elements when not needed
  • Different compass skins
  • Different sneak eye skins
  • ...


Should be compatible with almost anything.

Not compatible with:
because they obviously do the same thing. Check them out to find the perfect HUD for you.


"How can I disable the minimap/compass?"
-> There is a vanilla function to do that. Open the inventory and click on the button to the top right of the world map. You can also disable the inventory world map by clicking on the minimap/compass.