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For the Starwind modding competition. Adds a playable race and companion to the total conversion Starwind

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A Starwind addon
by Stripes

requires Starwind-remastered

Adds a new companion and playable race, the Nightsisters, to Starwind, a total conversion for TES3 based on the classic game Knights of the Old Republic.
The Nightsisters are an ancient race of witches strong in the dark side of the force.
Why did i make nightsisters? I really dont know, but i did so here they are.

Nightsisters are a female only race (they mate with Zabrak or something (and you thought elder scrolls lore was weird))  so be sure to switch to female in the race menu ;)

Starter gear is added to the container at character generation, ( well actually its a new container just scaled up by 1.05 and placed over the original container :P) which includes new shoes, a shirt, 2 hoods, a sword, and a bow.

The bow is scripted to spawn and equip the arrows and cost a magicka- i mean force point if you have enough magicka force.

The companion, Taza, can be found on Tatooine in the cantina. Not much for dialogue or personality at this time, is just a good follower with melee and ranged combat abilities and some magic force abilities. Has the usual companion share and basic companion following script as my other companion mods, such as warp, heal when player rests, etc. kinda getting tired of describing the same thing every companion so not gonna :P

whatever just give credit (ignore the nexus perms they are default settings and annoying to change ;p)

Ignatious, made the bow and arrow
Korana, i ripped her mesh and texture from Lady Death's head and I modified the texture for Taza
Me, made the sword model, modified bethesda's textures and meshes