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A large add-on to the Starwind project. This will include the planet of Endor, a new planet to explore, with new factions and dilemmas to experience. This mod also includes three new playable races, an Ewok variant, protocol droid and battle droid to play as.

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From the Co-Developer of Starwind

Travel to Endor and discover your destiny in the world of Starwind!

- Whole new moon to explore, Endor.
- Three playable races, Battle Droid, Protocol Droid, Ewok Variant.
- Now includes female Ewoks, and several new hood variants for all Ewoks.
- Main quest with two faction choices, scientists or smugglers.
- After learning the Ewok language, join or oppose them.
- Several new items, weapons and armor sets for Starwind.

This mod adds an entire new world to discover in the Starwind total conversion. There's also a main story revolving around new factions which can be solved in different ways. To start, head to Dantooine and find a team of researchers looking for help. Endor is meant to be played before heading to Manaan in the Gray Jedi Starwind story, with the Droid Territory area being higher level.

Also included in this mod are three new playable races, a new Ewok variant (with several new head pieces and female variants for both Ewok races), the protocol droid and battle droid.

This an OpenMW only mod as Starwind is an OpenMW total conversion! Many of the icons included were scaled up for higher quality which is a feature only OpenMW can allow. Some normal maps are used, so go ahead and enable those in OpenMW.

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