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A little assortment of mods I've made that don't really warrant their own mod pages.

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This is a little assortment of mods I’ve made that don’t really warrant their own mod pages.

Most of them are patches for other mods, and most of them are texture-related, which I only point out because I am not a texture artist. Everything here is certified “good enough” by my standards… you’re free to judge for yourself.


HD Unique Banners and Signs
HD texture replacer for all of the textures from Unique Banners and Signs, imitating the style of of Arukinn’s Better Banner Signs and Signposts. Banner textures are 4x, signs are 8x. Arukinn’s default replacers aren’t required, but recommended for consistency.

HD Unique Guar Skin Banners
2x texture replacer for only the banners from Unique Banners and Signs, in the style of Lysol’s Guar Skin Banners. Normal maps aren’t included. Lysol’s default replacers aren’t required, but recommended for consistency.

Imperial Door Tweaks
UV, vertex color, and texture tweaks for several Imperial door meshes that tend to look strange with texture replacers installed. Based on MD’s common door fixes. Also includes two optional fixes; a better-fitting lock texture for Imperial Arkitektora, and a texture fix for a minor issue that occurs when using Imperial Arkitektora alongside Hlaalu Aesthesia (or any other mod with a more vanilla-faithful metal strip texture than Arkitektora’s).

Map and Compass - Annotated Map for Outlanders
LondonRook’s Outlander maps included in Map and Compass look great, but the lack of road/location detail doesn’t make them very well suited for gameplay. On the other hand, the Gridmap Pack is much more suited for gameplay, but since it primarily exists as a modder’s utility, it doesn’t match the ingame style as well as I’d like. So I duct taped them together. Requires Map and Compass. (Note that this map includes a village marker for Ald Redaynia, intended for use for with Redaynia Restored or a similar mod.)

RR Azura Statue Recolored
Gives the Azura statue from RR Mod Series - Morrowind Statues Replacer a darker, reddish coat of paint that better matches the Daedric structures it’s built on.

Seamless Papill6n Bedrolls
Makes the bedroll texture from Papill6n various graphics things seamless, for users of Overlooked Meshes Replacer. Install after the original retexture, as this fix doesn’t include the matching pillow.

Slightly Better Ashlander Clothes
Retextures for the six Ashlander shirts from More Better Clothes that aren’t currently covered by Better Clothes Retextured or Hirez Better Clothes. Requires More Better Clothes.

Touched-up Ringmail
Minor improvements to Nordic Ringmail armor textures, hopefully making them stand out less among other retextured armors.

Vanilla Land - tx_ma_crackedearth Fix
One of the Ashland textures from Vanilla Land is much more pixelated than it should be. This fixes it. Doesn’t require the original mod, but there’s not much reason to use it on its own.

(In most cases, these should still work fine- I just don’t plan on maintaining them any further. For the most part I’d consider them obselete/not worth using.)

Baskets - Texture Filtering Fix
Corrects a mesh from Baskets with incorrect texture filtering. Requires the original mod.

Color-Corrected Visual Pack Hutch
A color-corrected and slightly improved hutch texture from Visual Pack, better matching vanilla wood colors.

Daedric Intervention - Vanilla-Style Creatures
Merges the Daedroth and Hunger textures from Daedric Intervention with their equivalents from Intelligent Textures, so that you can have the extra detail from Daedric Intervention’s meshes and textures with a style closer to vanilla. Requires the original mod for all textures to work correctly.

OAAB Dwarven Spectres - Upscaled
An AI-upscaled texture replacer for the female Dwemer Spectres in OAAB_Data, making them more consistent with the males if you’re using a replacer
for them. This won’t implement female Dwemer Spectres on its own; check
out Better Dwarven Spectres - Mer and Maidens Edition for that.

Remiros’ Groundcover - HotV + Kilcunda’s Balmora Patch
Heart of the Velothi - Gnisis and Kilcunda’s Balmora both contain patches for Remiros’ Groundcover, but those patches conflict with each other. This patch combines both so you can use HotV and Kilcunda’s Balmora together without any floating grass. Use this instead of the patches from the original mods- don’t use both.

Tools of Kagrenac - Recolored Keening
A texture adjustment for Remiros’s The Tools of Kagrenac that makes Keening’s color scheme more closely match Sunder. Requires the original mod.

Vurt’s Silt Strider Husks
Retextures the dead silt striders found in the Ashlands to match Vurt’s Silt Strider Retexture. Doesn’t require the original mod, but I recommend it for consistency.

Wey’s Tamriel_Data Argonians
New head replacers (of admittedly varying quality) in the style of Wey’s Argonians for the argonian heads added by Tamriel_Data.