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Early work in progress - high resolution texture replacer for Better Clothes and More Better Clothes Vol. 1

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Inspired by Gamwich's excellent Rustic Clothing for Skyrim, I've set out to give Morrowind's clothing the long overdue texture overhaul it deserves. This initial release contains three shirts (the Redoran extravagant shirt, the Urshilaku expensive shirt, and the exquisite shirt), but more will follow. For a mod of this size, I felt it would be best to release in small updates. Obviously, this requires Better Clothes and More Better Clothes in order to show up in-game.

This mod consists of all-new, hand-painted textures inspired by the vanilla designs and concept art as well as the art of AlexeyRudikov and TheMinttu on Deviantart. I've also considered the character of the factions that specific clothing items belong to - for instance, with little beauty in the Ashlands to inspire their art, the Redoran adorn themselves with abstract geometric patterns, while the Hlaalu and Indoril, nestled in the temperate Ascadian Isles, tend toward floral motifs. I've tried to have an eye to the lore with regards to materials as well - silk, linen, and leather are commonplace among the Dunmer, while Western clothing styles incorporate more wool and velvet.

Updates are slow due to offline time constraints; if you're looking for a complete collection, or a supplement to this mod, I highly recommend the excellent Better Clothes Retextured.

Version 0.2 includes a mesh fix for shirt_exp_03 - due to a rigging issue with the original Better Clothes models, the collar would warp and distort when the character's hands were at their sides. I'm an amateur modeler at best, so if anyone notices any other glitches with my meshes, please let me know!