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Heart of the Velothi is a team effort to restoring the conceptual ideas & visions of TES III: Morrowind with an emphasis on detail & worldbuilding. This mod is submitted as part of the May Modathon month.

Permissions and credits

HotV’s primary goal is to overhaul the quality, design and worldbuilding of the original TESIII game areas to a level that is consistent with the worldspaces of projects such as Tamriel Rebuilt and Project Tamriel.

What does this mod do?

Heart of the Velothi - Gnisis overhauls the city of Gnisis top-to-bottom, emulating Bethesda's original concept art for the city. Gnisis is now structured much more coherently, accentuating both its indigenous and religious facets, as well as its robust eggmining industries and Imperial presence. The mod features new dialogue for various tradesmen and miners, as well as a new quest in The Gather - a market of traveling dust merchants & caravans often selling under-the-table contraband at over-the-top prices.


Tamriel_Data is a required master file for our mod, so install that first & register the BSAs in your Morrowind.ini file. Using either a mod installer or manual drag-and-drop, install the contents of HotV - directly into your Morrowind/Data Files folder. Then simply activate Tamriel_Data.esm and HotV - Gnisis.esp file in the data files menu and play!


This mod inherently incompatible with any mod that directly alters the Gnisis worldspace. Feel free to request combability patches on our discord.


Provided you credit the authors, you may use use HoTV and its asset in your own mods, and you may also create mods that depend upon HotV. HotV can not be redistributed nor included in any mod compilations without first seeking approval from the team.


This mod would not have been made possible without the labor & contributions of:
Leyawynn: asset creation & interior work
c0dacan0n: asset creation, writing, quests, patches
Wolli: asset creation & exterior work
chef: exterior work
Vern: interior design & review
RedFurryDemon: quests & writing
Petethegoat: asset creation
Remiros: asset creation
Gavrilo93: writing & quests
Lucevar: writing, quests, patches
Reizeron: asset creation
MelchiorDahrk: asset creation
Stavroguin: asset creation
Cheydin & Turelek: Talos Cult Revised 
And the community, for providing us endless support and morale to keep going.

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You can keep up with development on our discord channel at