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A relatively subtle Balmora overhaul. More detailed canal, city streets, entrances, surrounding landscape and more.

Permissions and credits

Either disable old version and clean your save with Wyre Mash's repair function before installing, or:
1. Save in an interior location.
2. Open Morrowind Launcher or your mod manager. Disable Kilcunda's Balmora.esp
3. Launch Morrowind and load game. Save again.
4. Copy new files (overwrite old files) and re-enable (the new) Kilcunda's Balmora.esp
5. Enjoy! The only negative side effect should be disposition to the three new NPC's returning to the base value and containers re-stocking any items taken. 

Failure to do so may result in duplicate/missing objects (Check the banners near the temple). 

Alternatively, you can open the console (~), select any duplicated objects, type 'delete' and hit enter to remove them from your save. 

Kilcunda's Balmora is a relatively simple lore-friendly Balmora overhaul: Rather than adding entire new buildings/districts/etc this mod expands on the vanilla Balmora layout in an attempt to make it more detailed and believable.

The mod also adds a new-look canal, more detailed surrounding areas and entrances, increased lighting, three new NPC's and more! Now Balmora feels more like the Hlaalu trading capital of Vvardenfel as described in-game.

Tested with both vanilla Morrowind and MSGO 3.0. Cleaned with TESAME and TESPCD.

Main features:

  • Completely overhauled canal with a new riverside walkway and docks. 
  • A shipping hub for small boats with unloaded goods, wares and food. 
  • A new fishery just outside the Northern enterance with a dock and small boat. 

  • A new grocer's stall featuring an NPC with some unique dialogue. Sells food and ingredients. 
  • Re-done path towards high-town.
  • Added a blacksmith's forge outside the armorer's shop (with glowing embers!)

Labor Town:
  • A new well with seating, buckets, etc. 
  • A new outside area for the South Wall Cornerclub with NPC.
  • A much more overgrown 'slums' area around Caius Cosades' house.

High Town:
  • New walls and gateways to seperate High Town from the market. 
  • More seating and decorative objects.

  • Completely re-done Temple area with new walls, lighting and decorative items.
  • A statue of Saint Olms with prayer benches.

Surrounding Area:
  • A new waterfall next to the bridge just north of Balmora.
  • Tweaked riverway/bridge south of Balmora to make small boat shipping more believable. 
  • More rocks, flora and other environmental details. 

Planned Features:
  • Animated Morrowind extra features/compatability add-on - currently works fine with Animated Morrowind, but I wouldn't mind moving a couple of the NPC's added around a little and adding a preying temple follower to the new statue. 


First time install: 
Extract Data Files folder to your Morrowind directory and enable 'Kilcunda's Balmora' in the Morrowind launcher. Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon. If using distant land, re-generate distant land with MGE/MGE XE. 

Upgrading to new version:
See readme or top of page for a couple of additional steps to prevent object duplication.

Recommended Mods:

A big thank you to EricTheRed1090 for taking the time to provide a bunch of fixed meshes and some excellent feedback/suggestions! 

This mod uses Momo's excellent Fishery and Crane resources. 

A huge thanks to reddit users Zafic and Saxojon for testing and feedback!

This mod has definitely been inspired by Atmospheric Balmora, a mod I played with on a playthrough many, many years ago. Here's the latest version I could find for anyone interested, however I couldn't find the original version with the canal similar to the one featured in my mod. Most likely removed due to clipping issues which have been fixed for this mod. 

Also inspired by JK's excellent series of town-mods for Skyrim. 

Some of the 'new' meshes are just re-skinned vanilla objects, so thanks as always to Bethesda!