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New hi-rez textures of all regions. Textures repeat the style of the original game, and using these textures you can recall your old experience of the journey through Valilla Land in 2k.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds ground textures for all Morrowind regions, and also replaces ground textures of Solstheim. By "all textures" I mean literally all, every rock and soil was retextured (except that stupid, which can't be more that 256x256px) so there shouldn't be any blurred texture (tell me if you find one, and I will deal with it as well). A complex calculation can determine that the textures are 8 times larger than the original, but at the same time they are as similar to the original vanilla textures as it possible (for my humble skills that is).

Unfortunately, a lot of individual regions' retextures do not take into account the fact that textures of different regions can be used in one region. In blurry vanilla textures it's not easy to discover, but after you install some retexture, immediately you will find a flaw. For example, Azura Coast and West Gash region uses same scrub texture. Near Vivec Foreign District road consists of two types of road texture - Ascadian Isles and Bitter Coast road (why?). By the way, did you know what Red mountain rocks and West Gash rocks differs only with colour? And what about all the mainroads? They all - just a copies of each other with minimum changes in it. In Balmora near one of the building there is a ashland road texture (because it's the house of the 6th house follower?). It always annoys me during gameplay. There is many examples actually. And Tamriel Rebuilt mixes region textures in a crazy-amazy way (textures of Grazeland, Ascadian, Solstheim and Red mountain region in one sell). Everything mentioned before was taken into account in this retexture. It was not that difficult really. I just tried to make it Vanilla way :)

Simply copy everything you can find in the archive to your Data Files directory.

Since it's too difficult to find proper hi-rez picture of the ground\rock\whatever in 2k for free in the web, I've used textures from many authors, who worked with Skyrim or Morrowind. There would be no such mod without fan community and all their contribution. And also there would be no mod without texture sites :)
It's very difficult to give credits to all people who worked with textures before me (someone took something from other guy, and he, in his turn, get it from someone else, or maybe he did't make anything with a picture, just make it seamless & claimed as his work). I want to thank people for their works what I used here and the people who inspired me:
Tyddy - first of all for his lore-friendly retextures. Actually I used many of his textures I found on forums, many of them were highly reworked, but still, most credits goes to him.
Lougian - I recall that Tyddy used his textures, and his contribution to the community can not be ignored.
TR team - well, everyone knows who TR team is. Your works is amazing!
OpenMW team - for my hopes to see physics in this game :)
To all Nexus community and the fans of Morrowind in particular. Because of us all this astonishing game is immortal.
Texture sites such as,,,
If I forget to mention you, and you sure that I used your texture, kick me via private message here, and I will make a change.

Because I'm too lazy to create readme file.

tx_rockybadlands_01 as an optional file. I've heard that if you use MCP you can replace old 256x256 texture with my 2k version without breaking your minimap.

P.S. Maybe I'll make similar retexture for TR, add normal maps or something to already existing ones. It would be nice to see some endorsement from you, guys.
Tell me, if some of you need this in 1k.