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Gives natural in-game access to weapons, armors, and mods from the four hidden manufacturers. Also fixes and rebalances the corresponding weapons.

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This is mainly a port/adaptation of my Black Market License mod for the orginal Mass Effect game.


  • The Black Market License can be purchased in the Normandy requisition store. The effects of the mod can be turned off in-game by purchasing the "Revoke Black Market License" item in the Normandy store. Both items have a large chance to appear in store every time the inventory is refreshed.

  • Once this License is purchased, weapons and armors from the four hidden manufacturers (Batarian State Arms, Cerberus Skunkworks, Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works, and Jormangund Technology), as well as some additional weapon/ammo/armor mods, will be available for purchase in some stores, and may be obtained from killing enemies or opening loot containers.

  • These items were mostly fully implemented in the loot tables, but locked behind certain conditionals. I didn't change much of that but unlocked the conditionals. You will not get more items, but sometimes obtain some of these instead of something else. Note that most items are level-locked, some will start to appear at rank IV (around classic level 18), others at rank VII (around classic level 36).

  • The weapons from these four manufacturers (which were broken in Legendary Edition) have been fixed and rebalanced. The goal was to make them feel more unique, and to make them viable options at high levels without being broken at lower levels. I highly recommend to also use my mod Elements of Comparative Weaponry (LE1), which will make it easier to assess the new weapons, since their stats are sometimes a bit unusual compared to the vanilla weapons.

  • The stats of the armors and ammo/weapon/armor mods have not been changed.

  • More details about the items concerned, their properties, and where to obtain them: in this article.

If you are feeling supportive, you can buy me some... uhm... interesting items in total discretion


Video: Mass Effect Lorecast - The 7 Best Mods for Mass Effect Legendary Edition


Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager:

  • Drag and drop the compressed (.7z) mod file for Black Market License into the Mod manager window, and import it.
  • Select the mod in the Mod Manager library list (for LE1) and click "Apply Mod".


1) The effects of the mod can be easily turned on/off in game, by purchasing the "Black Market License" or "Revoke Black Market License" items from the Normandy store.

2) The DLC part of the mod can be uninstalled with Mod Manager: 

  • Go in Manage Target (for LE1).
  • Find Black Market License in the list of installed DLC mods, and disable or delete.

3) The final step is to restore SFXGame.pcc. This is not actually necessary, since removing the DLC part of the mod will remove any visible effect in-game. The modifications to SFXGame.pcc only fix weapons that cannot be obtained naturally.

  • Go in Manage Target (for LE1).
  • Find SFXGame.pcc in the list of modified basegame file, and restore it.
  • You would then need to reinstall any other mod that modifies this file.


  • This mod is compatible with my other mods, and with the LE1 Community Patch.
  • Afaik there shouldn't be compatibility issues with other mods.
  • It is not absolutely required, but I highly recommend to use my other mod Elements of Comparative Weaponry (LE1), since the new weapons have more unique behaviors that will be better quantified with this than with the vanilla system.
  • I also recommend Advanced Weapon Models for LE1 by Knighthawk/talon1895, which changes the visual appearance of the new weapons added by Black Market License.


To Mgamerz, SirCxyrtyx, d00t, HenBagle, Kinkojiro, and anyone who contributed to ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and ME3/LegendaryExplorer.

For the localization:
FR - Zagarah
RU - Staminer
IT - Krozt
JPN - max
PL - TreoPL
DE - RangerShadowlineEU
ES - noxbalverine