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Three brand new casual appearances for female Shepard based on the concept art in the Mass Effect concept art book.

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What is this?
This is an attempt to create appearances that match the artstyle for Mass Effect while using the concept art for the game. The mod adds three brand new outfits (using some pre-existing assets). 

Use Choose Your Outfit or LE3 Prologue Outfit to use this mod in the Citadel DLC and/or in the prologue!

• Download ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
• Drag and drop zip file to library
• Add to library (I recommend this rather than a direct install so you can keep track on your mods)
• Install by pressing “Apply Mod”
• The outfits should now be available in the appearance selection

Backup your game before installing any mods!
And make sure you have all your DLC mods installed before installing any textures!

Go to Manage target -> LE3 -> Delete/disable “Zeb’s Casual Outfits”


I take no credit for the concept art. Parts of the mesh are also taken from in-game assets. It’s Bioware’s property. I only translated the concepts into 3D. 


Mods used in screenshots
Ashley Complexion Tweak (unreleased texture)
Customizable Default Femshep Headmorph for Legendary Edition 3
Even More Hairstyles

Special shout-out to:
  • ThaliaGrace - For helping me when I botched PCCs and was having a hard time with textures! 
  • Padme4000 - For making awesome step by step tutorials!
  • Exkywor & Druu - For when I started out and had the usual beginner issues and you helped me fix them!

Many thanks to the talented team behind ME3Tweaks for making modding easy and many thanks to the Mass Effect modding server for being so kind and helpful!