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This mod allows Ashley and Kaidan to be romanced by both male and female Shepard, utilizing unused dialogue in the game files.

Permissions and credits
  • Both male and female Shepard can now flirt with Ashley and Kaidan and pursue romances with them.
  • Through the restoration of unused dialogue, every line is voiced and animated properly.
  • Characters will not refer to Shepard as the wrong gender.
  • Romances with Ashley and Kaidan will no longer start automatically; Shepard must now choose to flirt with them in order for a romance to begin.
  • Shepard will appear properly in the romance scene.

  • The Paragon option ("I'm listening") at the start of Kaidan's first post-mission conversation now leads to a short branch of flirty dialogue for both male and female Shepard, giving MaleShep access to the dialogue while also allowing FemShep to bypass it by choosing a different option.
  • The end of Kaidan's first post-mission conversation has been edited to allow MaleShep to flirt with Kaidan ("No, just you") and initiate the romance, while also allowing FemShep to avoid the romance by choosing not to flirt.
  • FemShep can now flirt with Ashley ("What about me?") at the end of her first post-mission conversation, which initiates the romance. The conversation has also been edited for MaleShep so the romance will only begin if Shepard chooses to flirt.
  • MaleShep is now able to talk to Kaidan in the mess hall after Eden Prime.
  • Ashley and Kaidan's ambient flirts in the Citadel docking bay now depend on an active romance, rather than Shepard's gender.
  • Ashley and Kaidan's hostility towards Liara in the Therum and Feros debriefs now depends on an active romance, rather than Shepard's gender.
  • The conversation involving Ashley's religion has been edited slightly to hopefully give the player a better sense that a romance is in progress.
  • The "Don't try to study me!" option in Liara's first conversation will now prevent her romance from initiating.
  • Liara will now only ask Shepard about their relationship with Ashley/Kaidan if they're actually being romanced, instead of assuming MaleShep is with Ashley and FemShep is with Kaidan. If Shepard is romancing both Ashley and Kaidan, then Liara will simply ask Shepard if they're interested in her without mentioning the other love interests, but Shepard can still respond by saying they care about Ashley or Kaidan.
  • Shepard now always has the option to turn down Liara by saying they're "only interested in men" if they're romancing only Kaidan.
  • If Ashley, Kaidan, and Liara are all being romanced at the same time, then the confrontation will only occur after Virmire is completed.

  • Same-Gender LI Activates Beacon - Allows the same-gender love interest (Ashley for FemShep and Kaidan for MaleShep) to activate the beacon on Eden Prime, giving them a larger role and more dialogue in the early part of the game. This also allows Ashley to flirt with FemShep in the scenic view conversation on the Citadel.
  • NPCs Flirt Regardless of Gender - Allows Gianna Parasini, Conrad Verner, Harkin, a turian patron at Chora's Den, and two businesspeople on Noveria to flirt with both male and female Shepard.

  • This mod is natively compatible with LE1 Community Patch.
  • This mod is only available for the English-voiced version of the game.

Technical Information for Modders:

  1. Drag and drop the 7z file onto ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.
  2. Import or install the mod. If you import, select the mod in the Mod Library and click Apply Mod.

See Also
  • Same-Gender Romances for LE2 - Allows Tali and Thane to be romanced by both male and female Shepard, fixes issues with imported FemShep/Ashley and MaleShep/Kaidan romances, and allows other same-gender content when possible.
  • More Gay Romances - Adds Miranda and Jack as romance options for FemShep in LE2 & LE3.