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Mass Effect trilogy is build on Unreal Engine 3 which base settings can be tweaked by editing game configuration files - .ini-s.

Coalesced. ini - main configuration file, where all game settings are stored. It is combined file of several ini-s (as it was in 1-st ME and other several UE3 games).
Location: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\...
Configs for all types of weapons (base game) are stored here;
Configs for DLC weapons are stored in dlc folders:  Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\<dlc_name>\CookedPC\BIOWeapon.ini;

Main goal of this tweaks for weapons:
- Make guns in ME2 as close as possible to match ME1 guns;
- Balance (Damage, Fire rate, Magazine size);
- Increase difficulty a bit (see description below);

Main changes (for Base game and DLC weapons):
- weapons have infinite ammo (except heavy weapons) OR use heat like in ME1, but consume ammo;
- increased damage;
- increased accuracy;
- increased rate of fire;
- increased reload speed;
- removed recoil;
- increased magazine size + spare ammo;
- squadmates (henchman) deal same amount of damage as you;
- Geth Pulse Rifle now available for all game difficulties;
- now you can get all 3 weapons from the collector`s ship (M-76 Revenant, M-300 Claymore, M-98 Widow) and this weapons can be used by your squadmates; /in ME1 you cam carry as much guns as inventory size allows - why I can`t pick all of them? they just lie there, on the ground, huh?/

Detailed  descriptions are provided in Readme file;
All weapon properties descriptions are provided in Readme file;
All weapon stats changes and comparison are provided in table (.xsl file); /in miscellaneous files and in each archive/
Instruction how to change type of weapons your player class and your squadmates are using provided in Readme file;

====================== Balance/Increased difficulty ======================

You can deal more damage to your enemies but they can deal almost same damage in amount of 0.7 base weapons, 0.3 heavy weapons (where 1.0 is your base damage);
Squadmates (henchman) and AI now shoot more often (increased AI_BurstFireCount for all guns);

====================== ME1 - style guns ======================

1) - infinite ammo (exept heavy weapons), no ammo drop;
guns don`t consume spare ammo, enemies don`t drop ammo;
2) - weapons use heat (like in ME1), guns still can be reloaded - semi heat/thermal clips mechanic;
guns restore their ammo after 2 seconds and consume spare ammo (Heat overrides Infinite ammo option);

In ME1, according to codex, there we no such thing as weapon recoil - so here this option  completely removed (there is only animation of shooting from the weapon remains). You can shoot from the gun with same accuracy as it was before (with no 100% chance, of course).

====================== INSTALLATION - first of all MAKE BKP ======================

Base game weapons:
Place 'Coalesced. ini'  to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\... > override ? > yes.
DLC weapons:
Place 'DLC' folder to Mass Effect 2\BioGame\... > override ? > yes.

I added required dlc, which contain weapons - if you don`t have some of them - just install those you have (see table in archive).

====================== EDIT ======================

ME2IniFixer  // This program will adapt changes you made in Coalesced. ini to game (by using proper UNIX format coding). Without this you`ll can`t launch the game properly //;
Place it to: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\...
Each time you make changes and save the file - launch ME2IniFixer.
// ME2IniFixer only needed when you edit Coalesced. ini - dlc files don`t need it (Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\<dlc_name>\CookedPC\) //
OR Mass Effect 2 Coalesced Editor

Download Notepad++ 6.9.1
DO NOT USE Word, Wordpad or notepad - this will screw up your game.
- go to your ME2 folder and open BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini)
- in there right-click on Coalesced.ini and open with notepad++

// How to compare two files in Notepad++ ? //
- in Notepad++ add plugin 'Compare' (main panel > plugins> plugin manager > show plugin manager > find plugin 'Compare' > Install > (if program asks if you would like to update manager - yes, only once). Open two Coalesced ini-s> main panel > plugins> Compare > select one of two files 'set a first to compare' > switch to second file > plugins> Compare > compare > Now you can see differences between two files - they are highlighted)
- after you add changes you can save it and adapt file to make it compilable with the game by using ME2IniFixer (if you didn`t close notepad++ after applying changes by inifixer and switch to file again - notepad++ asks that the program added changes (adaptation) - 'This file has been modified by another program. Do you want to reload it? > yes')

====================== NOTES ======================

You can always edit weapon properties as you want: with this this template or your default Coalesced. ini;

In ME2 there is no shooting range for target practice, so I suggest to test your weapons in non-enemies location - planet Alchera (Normandy Crash Site), that available from the beginning of the game, during or after completing the quest.

Suggestions for mod improvement are welcome!

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