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ME2 armory overhaul. Custom armors stats with detailed edit descriptions. Configure ME2 armors at your preferences.

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Mass Effect trilogy is build on Unreal Engine 3 which base settings can be tweaked by editing game configuration files - .ini-s.
Coalesced.ini - main configuration file, where all gameplay settings are stored.
Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\
All properties of base game armors are stored there.

Properties for DLC armors are stored in DLC BIOGame.ini files:
Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\<DLC_name>\CookedPC\

What is purpose of armor in general? - protect from damage and give player various bonuses;
ME2 armors look cool, but doesn't give Shep decent protection and bonuses so small, that barely noticeable - this mod change this;

Main ideas of Armory tweaks:
- Rebuild base game armor parts to armor sets with unique attributes;
- Give armor protection stats;
- Increase number of bonuses for each armor;
- Boost bonus values;

======================<  MOD OPTIONS  >======================

<^  Armor general stats changes  ^>
*  Armor stats in ME2 is much lower in compare to ME3 and ME1 stats - armors are decorative;
- In ME1, every armor has damage reduction attribute, which reduce damage to player on certain percent;
> health and shields bonuses are set for all armors, to give ME2 armors protection;

- In ME3, every armor has 2-3 bonuses, when in ME2 only one, and bonus values are much higher - N7 armor: +3% seriously? In ME3, it has +10%;
> for every armor number of bonuses increased: base game and dlc helmets - 3; dlc full-body armor sets - 6-7;

*  ME2 sprint speed is slow in compare to ME1 and ME3;
> all leg armor parts and DLC armor sets have bonus +10% to sprint speed;

*  All armors have unique attributes - base game armor parts now have different bonuses:
- they are parts of armor sets: weapon, power, melee, endurance;

<^  Armor stats  ^>


{ DLC Helmets } 

{ DLC Sets } 

Vanilla armor stats;
> Note: Armor stats, health and shields displayed correctly ONLY in combat mode locations - when Shep can wear armor and use weapons;

<^  Additional changes  ^>

*  [ Home ] - I've added armor locker menu call button - you'll be able to change armor anytime during game;
*  If you perfectionist, you may change armor stats display text, by editing .TLK files: see readme;

Detailed descriptions provided in: ME2 AT README;

======================<  INSTALLATION  >======================

<^  Base game armor  ^>
Place Coalesced.ini into:
Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\  > overwrite.

<^  DLC armor  ^>
- Place binkw23.dll and binkw32.dll files from "DLC-DLL" folder into:
Mass Effect 2\Binaries\
Dll files updates;

- Choose DLC > Place selected "DLC_name" folder into:
Mass Effect 2\BioGame\DLC\  > overwrite.

[Armor DLC] 

<^  Optional  ^>
ME2_GT_WT - ME2 Gameplay tweaks (GT), ME2 Weaponry tweaks (WT), ME2 Armory tweaks (AT) - combined file:
ME2 GT - with default controls schema;  ME2 GTC - with revised controls schema;
ME2 WT IA - infinite ammo;  ME2 WT HT - heat/thermal clips;
ME2 GT + ME2 WT IA + ME2 AT, ME2 GT + ME2 WT HT + ME2 AT; ME2 GTC + ME2 WT IA + ME2 AT, ME2 GTC + ME2 WT HT + ME2 AT;

DEINSTALLATION / rollback to default settings:
- replace Coalesced.ini to file with default settings from archive "Coalesced - default";
- DLC - rebuild ME2 with Origin/Steam;

======================<  EDIT  >======================

Download:  ME2IniFixer
- This program will recode changes you made in Coalesced.ini, without this tool you won't be able to launch the game properly;
Place it to: Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\
Each time you edit and save Coalesced.ini - launch ME2IniFixer;
Edit DLC Bio.ini files: doesn't required to use ME2IniFixer;

Download:  Notepad++ 6.9.1
DO NOT USE: Word, Wordpad or Notepad - this will break game files;
- go to: "Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\" and open: Coalesced.ini file;
- right-click on .ini > Edit with Notepad++

<^  How to compare two files in Notepad++ ?  ^>
In Notepad++ install plugin "Compare":
main panel > plugins > plugin manager > show plugin manager > find plugin Compare > Install >
> (if program asks if you would like to update manager? - Yes, only once) >
> Open two .ini-s > main panel > plugins > Compare > select one of two files > Set as first to compare > 
> switch to second file > main panel > plugins > Compare > Compare
Differences between two files will be highlighted;

<^  If you want to use several .ini mods, create merged file:  ^>
- copy your current moded Coalesced.ini file from "Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\" to any folder (as backup);
- download mod > compare mod file and your file in Notepad++: use Compare plugin > 
> find differences > copy code from mod file to your file (ignore iniversion strings) or vice versa;
> if mod is require specific code to run properly - that code takes priority over the others mods code;
> if mod adds new stuff > use mod values instead of yours;
> if some setting has greater/lesser value in compare to your file > read mod description about this value > choose one variant (not both);
- save file > launch ME2IniFixer > done!

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