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Replaces the standard blue and yellow Vault suit with a black with yellow trim vault suit. Manual install required.

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It's a black vault suit, male and female.

Video Demo:

Installation involves editing the SeventySix - Textures01.Ba2 with Archive2 from the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, or other archive editor.
Because of update, this mod now has to be added to the SeventySix - Textures03.Ba2 archive.

This method may or may not be in conflict with Bethesda's EULA. But I loaded it up and it works so.... yeah. Will this result in a ban? Who knows lol.

When adding files, use the Add Folder option and add the 'Textures' folder from the downloaded zip file.
You don't have to remove any files from the archive, adding these new ones overwrites the original so be sure to BACKUP THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVE FIRST.

Also note that this only changes things on your side, obviously, to everyone else, you will be wearing a blue vault suit. Anyone else wearing a vault suit from your perspective will also have a black suit.

Keep in mind, official release would likely overwrite this. Or, anytime they update the texture archive.

Installation Video Tutorial:

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