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A small quest mod with a neat little story.

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There's a house on the edge of the Glowing Sea. The talk of the town is that there is a manhole there that leads to a bunker that hasn't been opened in over 200 years. You know what to do.

I originally made this for PS4. No quest log, no quest objectives. All platforms play this mod equally haha. It's not big, but should still be fun :D

To start, go to the  location on the map shown in the photo. Follow the railroad tracks to get to the new house. Then go from there! Read all terminals and stuff to get the story.

Be sure to watch the little teaser for it:

Adds a 'new' weapon that is completely customizable at a bench. Also new ammo type for it that can also be crafted at a chemistry bench.

Does not require any DLC.

Why is it so small? No assets. No archives, just a simple ESP. I call it, Sony style.

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Walkthrough if you're stuck: