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Compatibility patch for Raider Overhaul & FallUI Item Sorter Mod -> adds tags to consumables added by RO mod. Modifies weight of Irradiated Beer & Irradiated Water. New beverage added (version 1.3)
Made to be used with FallUI, def_ui or similar sorting mods (tags also enable the display of icons)!

Permissions and credits
Last patch of my first batch. Damn, I'm starting to sound poetic! I made this patch for myself and decided to upload it for anyone to use.

Compatibility patch for Raider Overhaul WIPFallUI Item Sorter Mod-> adds [Chem], [Liquor], [Food], [RadFood], [Beer] tags to all consumables added by Raider Overhaul WIP mod. Adjusted weight of Irradiated Beer and Irradiated Water according to my GMTB patch.
Made to be used with FallUI, def_ui or similar sorting mods (tags also enable the display of icons)!

v1.3: Added recipes for water purification (Irradiated Water) & a brand new beverage that uses Irradiated Beer as a component!

Actual changes:
Added tags:
- [Chem]: After Burner Gum, Sealed Pain Killers, Expired Pain Killers, Bad Jet
- [Food]: Pinkies, Calorie Mate, Fiend Stew
- [RadFood]: Bug-on-the-Shell, Rotten Tato, Irradiated Beer, Irradiated Water
- [Liquor]: Shine
- [Beer]: Irradiated Beer (optional)
- [Drink]: Irradiated Water (optional)

Modified weight according to GiveMeThatBottle patch:
- 0.6 (Irradiated Beer)
- 0.5 (Irradiated Water)

Optional: weightless (everything, weight =0.0)

New (additional) changes in v1.3:
Proper empty bottles/containers upon consumption:
- Irradiated Water -> gives empty can
- Irradiated Beer -> gives empty beer bottle (no longer gives empty Nuka Cola bottle)

*Greenie*: "It's a brand new beverage! WOW!"
(Brewed according to the secret recipe straight from the Hub!)
[Beer] Disgusting Beverage:
+ 1 STR (300s),
+ 1 CHA (300s),
- 1 INT (300s),
- 100 RADs (-10/s, 10s)
0.6 WT (weight), single long swig (=single use)

It can be "brewed" at any cooking station (check the recipe below), produces an empty beer bottle after use, affected by perks from Party Boy and magazine Live & Love (consumption temporarily increases luck).
It is available at all vendors that keep rare beverages in stock (Gwinnett beers variations, Dirty Wastelander, Disgusting Beverage) at level one (1).
It is meant as a mini boost between RadAway (that suppresses immunity on Survival) and Mutant Hound Chops (available in limited quantity, reduce RADs by 50).

Two new recipes that give the Irradiated pair a purpose for existing:
- Decontaminate Water:
1x Irradiated Water -> 1x [Drink] Purified Water (can)
- Disgusting Beverage:
1x Irradiated Beer, 1x Empty Beer Bottle, 1x RadAway, 1x Corn, 1x Carrot -> 2x Disgusting Beverage

Required mods:
Better Locational Damage and Optional Game Overhauls - patch edits items this mod adds
FallUI Item Sorter Mod (Vanilla EN) -  required for "BLD and FallUI" version
FallUI Item Sorter Mod (Vanilla EN Weightless) -  required for "BLD and FallUI (weightless)" version
Give Me That Bottle - required since version 1.3

Full compatibility with everything that does NOT modify these values.

There are 4 (four!) version;
- RF uses [RadFood] for both Irradiated Beer and Irradiated water
- BD uses [Beer] Irradiated Beer and [Drink] Irradiated water

Use "RO + FallUI" version ONLY IF you use BOTH of these mods.
Use "RO only" for general use (with* or without** sorting mod)

Optional: all versions as weightless (weight =0.0)
* Any sorting mod that uses tag [Aid] will recognize these changes
** Applied prefixes are visible as part of the item name (eg. [Aid] Dirty Bandage)

Use any mod manager to install. Added masters will let MO know how to sort it.

To-do list:
The pointlessness of Irradiated Beer & Water is bothering me more than it should. I have already drafted (with pen and paper) use for them; I will release an additional version (update?) that will require GMTB as well (for empty containers).
Sneak-peak for v1.3: [Drink] Purified Water (Can) & a new "drink" - [Beer] Disgusting Beverage
  DONE! Released v1.3!

Are Irradiated Water & Irradiated Beer working with GiveMeThatBottle? No. Not yet. Yup! :D
Irradiated Beer: I have drunk a can of beer, that was left in the sun, once. I will not add a recipe for "purifying" beer with heat. Just remembering that "experience" is already making me throw up a bit. It is still disgusting BUT after a world apocalypse, any booze is good booze!
Regarding Irradiated water; honestly, too much work, especially, for a resource (water & bottles) that is so readily available everywhere. For now :)

Errors/Not Working:
1) I don't use Give Me That Bottle mod. Can I still use this patch?
Why don't you use GMTB though? To answer; yes, all 1.2 versions are "GMTB Free" (there are no recipes nor my new beverage though)

2) Patch does not rename items
You have another mod altering these entries after my mod.

3) MO Error: Missing masters
You downloaded the wrong version. RO is a requirement. GMTB is required from v1.3 onward. If you do not use FallUI Item Sorter Mod download "RO only" version