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Restores "The Fisherman" to the game.

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Not to be confused with the fisherman stationed above the entrance to the Covenant compound, Cut Content - The Fisherman restores a cut NPC described in the "Characters" section here, but which doesn't have a wiki page of his own. He is a complete NPC, however, having what appears to be unique (or at least rare) face/body data along with his own voice lines (likely due to Wastelander faction affiliation). All he needed was world space coordinates to place him in game.

The main file simply places him in game (see screen shots), whereupon you can interact with him as you would most any random NPC. However, I have included an optional file that, when used in conjunction with rlbaxter's RL_Recruit_Framework, will allow you to recruit him and send him to a settlement where you can put him to work.

Per usual, I "rebuit" him with a new base record to avoid conflicts with other mods that may have repurposed his original record.

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