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Restores Eddie Lipkis, a cut NPC, to the game.

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As the title denotes, this mod restores the cut character named Eddie Lipkis. His wiki article offers no details as to his original purpose other than his raider status. This is confirmed by his NPC (Actor) data, which contains all of the appropriate faction affiliations, voice type, and other raider specific information. The only thing missing is placement in the world space. For this, I decided to place him with the raider group occupying Hangman's Alley since they don't have a named "leader" and most play throughs will take players there in some form or other. Note, however, I've given him better armor (see screen shots) and made him level with the player character, so he'll be tougher than the average raider.

I "rebuilt" him with a new base record to avoid conflicts with other mods that may use his original data.

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