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Three debuff free mobility mutations from Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Speed Demon, Goat Legs, Frog Legs delivered as perks. Craft the serums and a mutation remover at a chemlab, or wait for RNG to cough up at chem vendors and legendary loot.

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Three debuff free mobility mutations from Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter: Speed Demon, Goat Legs, Frog Legs delivered as perks. Craft the serums and a mutation remover at a chemlab, or wait for RNG to cough up at chem vendors and legendary loot.

Why ? After 100 levels hopping around 76 Nuclear Winter, couldn't play 76 Adventure without Frog Legs (aka Marsupial). After 100 levels of Adventure couldn't play Fallout 4 without the extra jump height ... you know, all the interesting stuff and engagement opportunities on jetpack-only roofs. Now mine.

(a) Frog Legs increases jump height by 400% so you can leap straight onto trucks and buildings. Chemist 1 perk, 10 Psycho, 10 Nuclear material,  1 Nuka Quantum. 

(b) Goat Legs avoids all falling damage, which is needed if you miss a Frogs leg jump at height. Oh yes. Chemist 1 perk, 10 Stimpak, 10 Nuclear material, 1 Nuka Quantum. 

(c) Speed Demon increases movement speed by 20%. It does not increase reload speed to avoid complications with the Quick Hands perk (the 76 quick hands perk is different). Its great for no fast travel survival mobility, but note that sprinting at 120% downtown may stress your system pipeline. Chemist 1 perk, 10 Jet, 10 Nuclear material, 1 Nuka Quantum.

(d) Remove Mutation Serum pops a menu to remove any or all of the player's active mutations. Of course you will need to craft more serums to re-apply mutations (clearly designed by someone on an MTX commission contract). Chemist 1 perk, 10 Radaway, 10 Antiseptic.

Special bonus content: if you equip a bear mascot head you automatically acquire undetectable aimbot and wallhack cheat abilities* just like the BR game mode !

Console tuning & cheesing

To disable serum crafting console [ set SKK_M76SerumCraftingEnabled to 0;  ]

Rare chems level list injections deliver a 2% chance for any one item at a chem vendor or legendary loot list. To disable them console [  set SKK_M76ChanceNone to 100;  ]. Vendor values are set to 500 caps which is the same as the principle input ingredient to help you avoid cheese farming.

To give the player a full set of chems console [ cqf SKK_M76Quest "SKK_M76QuestScript.AddAllSerums" ; ] and roll them cheeses.

Other Mutation Solutions

There is already a full suite of Fallout 76 game mutations if you want a solution closer to the adventure mode experience with debuffs, radiation awareness and immersive mutation backstory.

Also you totally dont need this mod if you are happy to bang away at the console, but note that this solution uses perks and peak value modifier effects which avoid value stacking and value resets on game load.

Goat legs   [ setgs fJumpFallHeightMult 0;  ] vanilla is 0.1 
Frog Legs A [ setgs fJumpHeightMin 360;     ] vanilla is 90
Frog Legs B [ player.setav JumpHeightMult 4;] vanilla is 0
SpeedDemon  [ player.setav speedmult  120;  ] vanilla is 100

Note: you can not use these console commands to re-set the mutations as they are constant magic effects on player actor values. Player.RemovePerk is what you should use. 

Compatibility Considerations

This solution has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and makes no hard changes to any base game content.

As this is published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later).

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

This can be installed at any time in any game. Copy SKKMutations76.esp, SKKMutations76 – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise. As this injects product into base game level lists, do not plan to remove it.

Nexus FAQ

(1) Why is there no dependency on finding or buying crafting recipes like Fallout 76 ? Choice. I do no shopping runs. I do no crafting runs. This supports both formats.

(2) You know the SKK policy on ESL file format, don't bother asking again. You can probably DIY.

(3) Is this compatible with X, Y or Z ? I have no idea, if you have concerns then you need to test it.

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