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Switch stocking of all base game container loot and placed misc/aid items to where YOU want from 0% to 100% or random. Reduce loot in areas for a scavving challenge then switch back to EZ when your gagging for more stuff.

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Switch stocking of all base game container loot and placed misc/aid items to where YOU want from 0% to 100% or random. Reduce loot in areas for a scavving challenge then switch back to EZ when your gagging for more stuff.

[ suffer for the art of scavving ]

Install this solution at any time in any game and it does absolutley nothing to your in-game loot, unless or until:

(a) Use the [ .SKK Dynamic Loot Reduction ] aid item which is given after vault exit to pop a menu and set the loot chance between 0% and 100% or random.  It regenerates after each use, craft at chemlab if lost or never received.

(b) Set the GlobalVariable SKK_DLRLootChance to something less than 100 using xEdit before adding the mod in a savegame which will automatically activate on first load.
(c) PC console [ cqf SKK_DLRQuest "SKK_DLRQuestScript.SwitchLootChance" VALUE ] where VALUE is a percent between 0 (no loot) and 100 (all loot so the solution does nothing) or -1 which is random between 10% and 90%.


This modifies 51 Container_Loot* and 3 LLI_Loot_Lock* base game level lists to add a ChanceNone global variable. If any other mod hard modifies those level lists (not scripted injections), last one in the load order wins. Loosing to a lower load order conflict will not break this solution, it will just do nothing to container loot.

If installed in an active save game it will not affect containers that have already 3D loaded to generate their inventory in activated areas until next CellReset (iHoursToRespawn* values).


As the player moves through the world the script finds all MISC, AMMO and POTION objects ONCE in the uGridsToLoad active area around the player and removes them based on Chance value at that time.

Once an item has been found and evaluated againt the chance at that time, if it survives a keyword is added to ignore it so it doesnt keep getting evaluated every time the player passes. This means that if the chance is reduced to say zero after an item is evaluated  it will not be removed for double jeopardy protection.  

This always excludes items marked as quest targets / are player owned / has FeaturedItem keyword e.g. bobbleheads/mags. Read SKK Dynamic Loot Reduction Object Filters for the 58 static base game forms. 

Configuration toggle to include or ignore the 260 base game unique MISC & POTION forms in the LootItemsUnique formlist.  Read SKK Dynamic Loot Reduction Object Filters for the full list.

Configuration toggle to include or ignore the 186 base game forms with NotJunkjetAmmo keyword. Most of the important quest related objects are already on the LootItemsUnique formlist. Read SKK Dynamic Loot Reduction Object Filters for the full list.

xEdit formlist SKK_DLRItemsToExclude (save as over-ride) to add any specific MISC, AMMO or POTION base forms to always ingore. 


(1) The script is limited by your frame rate, evaluating ~1 item per frame. The average search finds 30 items for 0.5 second reponse, but initial downtown searches can return 600 items which will take ~10 seconds to process if your potato can sustain 60fps in that broken geometry. JUST TO BE CLEAR these Papyrus scripts are limited by your GFX rendering frame rate, they can not AFFECT your GFX rendering frame rate as they produce no rendered artifacts. Removing items actually helps frame rates say downtown Xbox users. Facts and Logic.

(2) The initial When Freedom Calls museum quest may be affected by the fusion core being removed as MQ102FusionCoreREF > MISC DummyNoEdit_FusionCore has no protection. The quest will still advance with ANY fusion core in inventory, so just loot harder.

(3) Side quest DN050 Quality Assurance in the General Atomics factory may be affected as it uses some standard MISC items (abraxo/wrench) as stage triggers that have no exclusion attributes at all.
(4) You're SPECIAL! PlayerHouse_Ruin_BabyBook01 is not on LootItemsUnique and has no protection keywords at all. SPECIAL stat Obsessives may want to add that to SKK_DLRItemsToExclude list. 


(a) If you use an ALT start mod that does not set core quest stages and are not starting in the Commonwealth, craft a menu item at a chemlab/utility as the script will never know when its safe to give you the item.

(b) If you are running Fallout 4-76 OpenWorld disable the built in loot reduction system in its holotape, this evolution is slightly faster. It will need to be lower in the load order for its own Level List hacks to "win".

(c) Yes you can ESL flag the ESP.

(d) As this is published after November 2019 it requires Fallout4.exe (or later) or equivalent workarounds.

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKDynamicLootReduction.esp and  SKKDynamicLootReduction – Main.BA2 to your ...\Fallout 4\Data directory and add to Plugins.txt, or enable in the Bethesda mod menu, use a mod manger or however you organise. When LootChance is set to 100 the script idles so the mod could be removed if you are happy to accept potential conflicts from load order changes in a save game.

Console Settings

cqf SKK_DLRQuest "SKK_DLRQuestScript.SwitchLootChance" VALUE
; VALUE is -1 for random or between 0 and 100 for percent.
; Lootchance 100 disables loot reduction.

show SKK_DLRLootChance
; to see the actual loot chance.

set SKK_DLRRandomLootMin to VALUE
; VALUE is 0 to 99 percent for the random minimum floor, default 10.

set SKK_DLRRandomLootMax to VALUE
; VALUE is 1 to 100 percent for the random maximum ceiling used, default 90.

set SKK_DLRIncludeNotJunkJetAmmo to 1
; 0 ignores items with the keyword, 1 includes them to be removed.

set SKK_DLRIncludeLootItemsUnique to 0;
; 0 ignores items on the list, 1 includes them to be removed.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8