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Multiracial Workshop Actors recruits Alien | Brahmin | Feral | Gutsy | Handy | Human| Protectron | Synth | Supermutant | Triggerman | as workshop settlers who produce resources and annoy you with hellos and idle comments. Use beacons over time to recruit to the free bed count, or a radio for on demand spawning.

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Multiracial Workshop Actors recruits Alien | Brahmin | Feral | Gutsy | Handy | Human| Protectron | Synth | Supermutant | Triggerman | as workshop settlers who produce resources and annoy you with hellos and idle comments. Use beacons over time to recruit to the free bed count, or a radio for on demand spawning.

[ Add some racial diversity to your population ]

This solution adds two workshop constructable devices;

(1) Multiracial Spawn Radio (Resources:Misc) which needs no power to spawn your choice of race (or random) on demand from its activation menu.  

Spawn Radio Menu

Spawn [ Alien | Brahmin | Feral | Gutsy | Handy | Human | Protectron | Synth | Supermutant | Triggerman | Random ]

[ Actor Settings Menu ]
Recovery [ Mortal | *Protected ]
Scale health [ *Off | @5/player level | @10/player level ]
Irritating hello/idle chatter [ *Enabled | Disabled ]
Spawn at [ Radio | *Workshop spawn marker ] 
Spawn POI Recruits [ *Off | On ]
Actor Command Menu [ *Disabled | Enabled ]

[ Give me an SKK Actor Management Note ]

(2) Multiracial Recruitment Beacon (Power:Misc) needs power like a regular beacon to attract your choice of race (or random) from an activation menu at the configured game hours interval up to the workshop bed count. New beacon recruits will only turn up when the player is on site so workshop objects are loaded and counters are correct.

Recruitment Beacon Menu 

Recruit [ Alien | Feral | Gutsy | Handy | Human | Protectron | Synth | Supermutant | Triggerman | *Random ]

[ Beacon Settings Menu ]
Beacon Recruits [ 1 | *2 | All free beds ]
Beacon Period game hours [ 6 | 12 | *24 | 48 ]

[ Actor Settings Menu ]
Same as above

(3) Spawn POI Recruits

Enabled in the actor settings menu spawns recruitable Handy/Gutsy/Protectron workers at ~100 Points Of Interest around the Commonwealth as the player wanders around for things to do. There is a MISC quest objective [ Recruit some robots ] to map mark them if you dont enjoy surprises. Just talk to them to recuit, or use the MWA Actor Command Menu if enabled. DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SETTLER RECRUITMENT TOOL as they will not release the actor from the spawn cleanup quest.


Brahmin are standard WorkshopBrahmin, Humans are either standard WorkshopNPC or standard Nukaworld faction lvlRaiders if it a raider outpost. If you use actor overhauls on them, they will apply.

Protections, Gutsies and Triggermen use the base game LChar levelled character templates, if you use actor overhauls on them, they should apply.

Other races are all custom lvlActors which are WorkshopNPCScript enabled for any production task or provisioner assignment and can be sent to other workshops. Your actor overhauls will probably not apply unless they work at the race level. By default they all can be assigned to and produce resources (but mostly do not have production idle animations), so count for population needing food, water and a bed (except robots) if still doing the happy thing. 

DLC04 Outposts: Humans spawn as DLC04 raiders where the correct faction is automatically chosen. Any other race can be added to DLC04 Raider Outposts. If the player is kicked out of that outpost faction, the MWA actors stay friendly to both the raider factions and the player so will be neutral in any takeover fight. This could be confusing if they are made a follower and visit other hostile raider outposts.

To avoid aggro with neutral actors, all custom actors have been pacified for less aggression (AI aggression = 1) like normal boring settlers. Otherwise ferals in Sanctuary attack Carla which is racially sound, but may be inconvenient for RPG.

Any actor setting changes to recovery/health only apply to new spawned actors going forward. They are not retrospectively applied to existing actors to avoid holding on to them and contention with proper full-fat workshop actor or settler configuration managers.

Recovery: Default base game settlers are Protected which means they can take damage from anyone, bleedout for ~15 seconds and self recover, only the player can kill them. BORING. If you want proper settlement combat experiences, Mortal means killable with no comebacks. If you want to switch your settlers between recovery options or essential/bleedout, use Combat Settlers to manage that.

Health: Default base game settlers have a flat 100/110 health which is never updated (because they are Protected, so who cares !). This can spawn actors with health scaled to the player at that time (100 + N per player level) but does not update in real time. Health can be individually upgraded with the [ Actor Command Menu ]. If you want settlers to automatically scale health with the player levels, use Combat Settlers to dynamically manage that.

Irritating Chatter: Actors have default dialogue to trade with the player and also offer additional irritating hellos and idle comments. Switching chatter in the menu applies to all existing actors in real time. As most races don't have animations for workshop resources or idles they mostly wander around saying stupid things. Just like real settlers when your ResetWorkshop script is broken.

Actor Command Menu if enabled in the [ Actor Settings ] menu adds a second [R] or [Space] actvate menu option to all Actors that have WorkshopNPCScript. To show the heal option player needs a Stimpak in inventory (humans and robots to avoid DLC dependence). 

Heal & Upgrade health
Exit Power Armor
Unassign form Workshop resources
Dismiss from Workshop | Recruit To Workshop
Reset Actor

SKK MWA Actor Menu Note can be generated from the radio menu or Chemlab [Utility] section if actor command menu is not enabled (because of conflicts ?). When given to an actor that has WorkshopNPCScript it pops the Actor Command Menu. The note is always returned to the player.

.SKK Multiracial Workshop Actors Menu aid item can be crafted at Chemlab [Utility] to open the settings menu if there are no Radios or Beacons at that workshop e.g. to start POI spawning. The item always regenerates after use. 

Known Issues

(1) Most multiracial actors do not have idle animations for workshop work objects (farming, guarding, scavenge station). Rather than standing frozen in place they are configured to wander around looking busy. Calling with the bell can cause them to stop updating AI movement packages after being called until they are commanded or unload. 

(2) For Gutsy and Handy actors to play a farming idle animation when assigned to flora use Idle Handy Farmers.

(3) If a workshop does not have at least one base game voiced WorkshopNPC in residence to act as "quest settlement spokesperson" it is unlikely to be picked by story manager as a radiant quest target for kidnapping or problem with type radiants.

(4) Actor Command Menu: an object can only have one additional "AddActivate" menu option, else the y conflict and nothing is displayed. There is no way to detect if an object already has an AddActivate applied except your knowledge of your own load order. If this is enabled and nothing shows up you have an AddActivate conflict (e.g. Quick Trade, Make sex slave ... ).


The mod has no dependencies on extenders or DLCs and does not change any existing base game scripts, assets or objects. It is 100% pure new Creation Kit forms and scripts which means that it has no load order dependencies.

As this mod was published after November 2019 it depends on Fallout4.exe (or later). Get fresh and stop living in the past with aged content.

Actors spawned by this can be:

Managed by Combat Settlers (disable MWA command menu if using CS command menu)
Managed by Workshop Ownership Utilities (disable MWA command menu if using settler menu)
Protected from 476 OpenWorld removal (disable MWA command menu if using 476 command menu)
Spawned and managed by Commonwealth of Decay (disable MWA command menu if using COD command menu)
Recruited by Unlimited Combat Followers  (disable MWA command menu)

Nexus PC manual installation & disable

Copy SKKMultiracialWorkshopActors.esp and SKKMultiracialWorkshopActors – Main.BA2 to your...\Fallout 4\Data directory, enable in the Bethesda mod menu, mod manger or whatever. 

As this introduces new lvlActors and workshop objects into the game it is not a good idea to try and remove it. But, if your feeling particularly lucky,  kill - disable - delete all multiracial workshop actors, destroy all beacons/radios so no mod specific objects are active in your game then disable the mod and see if the savegame crashes. You must be really desperate or mad. 

Console Commands

set SKK_MWABeaconGameHours to 24 ; [ 1 : 65536 ] ; The number of game hours between beacon recruiting cycles.

set SKK_MWABeaconMaxRecruits to 2 [ 1 : 127 ] ; Number of empty beds to recruit each cycle -1 to fill all beds.

set SKK_MWARecovery to 1 ; [ 0 | 1] 0:Mortal or 1:Protected at spawn. 

set SKK_MWAScaleHealth to 0 ; [ 0 | 5 | 10 ] ; 0:Off, else 100 +N Health per player level at spawn.

set SKK_MWAHelloEnabled to 1 ; [ 0 | *1 ] ; Enable or disable the irritating actor hellos and idles. 

set SKK_MWASpawnMarker to 0 ; [*0 | 1] ; 0:WorkshopLinkSpawn 1:Radio/Beacon.

set SKK_MWAActorCommandMenuEnabled to 0; [ *0 | 1 ] Actor AddActivate Command Menu
cqf SKK_MWAQuest "SKK_MWAQuestScript.SwitchActorMenuPerk" 1 ; sets and activates the value.

set SKK_MWASpawnPOIChance to 0; [ 0 to 100 ] 0 is disabled else the percent chance to spawn at each POI.
cqf SKK_MWASpawnPOIQuest "SKK_MWASpawnPOIQuestScript.SwitchEnable" 100 ; sets and activates the value.

If you have read the comprehensive solution description and still need support,
use the SKK Mods Discord channel https://discord.gg/tgKNT77DC8