Fallout 4

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Abraham Finch has used all the accumulated scrap to build a fortress.

Permissions and credits
Abraham Finch has used all the accumulated scrap metal to build a fortress.
It must be said that the area is dangerous, super mutants, forge scum and gunners are neighbours.
But an empty fortress is not very useful, so he decides to open the only big arms fair in the Commonwealth.
Here you will find all kinds of weapons and protection.
And to earn even more caps, he turns his shack into a museum which he shows around.

!! It's a rather heavy city plan! You need to think about expanding the settlement's budget :
workshop-->manage-->configure build limits !!

It is a leveled city plan, so you have to be patient between each level.
It offers the the complete arms fair at last level. If you are not patient there is an optional file that offers the last level plan completed.

At last  level you'll have 30 food, 63 water and up to 32 bed.

 !! If you want the same decor as on the pictures and video, you should have the following sim settlements 2 Addon installed!!