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Robot Home Defence adds new Workshop entries for constructing robotic guards- ranging from Sentry Bots to Miss Nannies. Once you've built them, you can also recruit them to follow you across the Commonwealth.

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Thanks to FO4Edit! Thanks to Orvid for his scripting tools Caprica and Champollion!

You spend a lot of time wandering into other people's houses and being shot at by robots. Why not copy them? Robot Home Defence adds a broad range of robots you can add to defend your settlements, from enemies as diverse as Raiders and Mirelurks to sickness and sobriety.

With ranks in Robotics Expert, a Fusion Core and a little elbow-grease you can build:

Once you've built robot defences, you can have them escort you as you defend the Commonwealth:
  • They'll fast travel with you
  • They take commands and share inventory
  • They return to their home settlement when dismissed
  • You can have any number at once
  • You can control which ranged weapons they'll use

You can also build wrench upgrades that'll let you heal and repair your robots out in the field. Plus, give your Protectrons a delightful pod to sleep in.

Robots also increase in power as you improve your crafting perks:
  • Blacksmith adds HP
  • Armourer adds DR & E
  • Gun Nut adds physical damage
  • Science! adds energy damage

RHD is incompatible with any other mods that add new categories to the '
Defences' list in the Workbench (i.e. ones other than Guard Posts, Turrets and Traps). It is incompatible with other mods that edit Robotics Expert- you will not get the 'Terminal' functionality.

It is compatible with Homemaker, SSEx and Robot Guardians- no clashing changes occur.
It is compatible with Settlement Keywords, via a patch.
If you find a mod that it's incompatible with, and make a patch, I'll add it to the downloads page.
I don't make compatibility patches for mods I don't use.

If you run into errors where the robots don't show up in the Workshop, you may have hit the build category limit. Try disabling another mod that edits categories or changing their load order. If you'd like to free up some of the category limit *without* losing your robots, enable the Build Blocker optional .esp.

Robot Home Defence Expanded by sgtcal10: Adds simple, cut-down versions of the high tier robots
Robot Home Defence Addon by Karel2015: Changes bot level scaling, adds mini-bots and more.
Italian translation by Lexor91
French translation
by Kyrian35

"Just a heads up, it's spelt 'Defense'"

Do robot defences count towards settlement population cap?
No. Go hog wild! Synths who act as settlers *do* count, currently. I'm trying to find a way around that.

Is this RobCo Certified?

No. That's not coming out until the GECK.
Are you sure?
No :S.

I don't have the 'Terminal' option!

In the compatibility section about 15 lines above:
It is incompatible with other mods that edit Robotics Expert- you will not get the 'Terminal' functionality.
The terminal isn't working!
Make sure you changed the ini (as required for most mods) and installed the scripts. NMM sometimes bugs out- try reinstalling.

Bits of my robots have gone invisible/I can't see all the robots in the build menu!

You have hit the keyword cap. The game has a cap of 255 keywords each for armour slots and workbench categories. If there are too many workbench categories, some are simply ignored. RHD doesn't add any armour slots, but if you have too many of them added by other mods they can displace the robot body slots (e.g. hands/torsos). There is no fix- you just have too many mods.

Some clothing doesn't work right on Synths!
Yup. Can't be avoided without preventing them from wearing most clothes full stop.

Can you make Mr Handies act like settlers/robots move between settlements?

Eventually. It turns out you can't order robots to move through a terminal, though :(

Can you add EyeBots?

Eventually. Eyebot radios have messy scripting.

Can I repair robots once they've been destroyed?

Currently, just scrap them and build a new one. Eventually you'll be able to repair them even outside the settlement, not via build mode.