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Fixed twitching/stuttering when sprinting in first person.

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This mod removes the 500 speed limit from the game's memory, which leads to unpleasant twitching/stuttering when sprinting on uneven surfaces. This is due to the fact that when the speed is greater than or equal to 500, the code that is used to align the camera when flying a vertibird starts executing. In this case, this condition is not used during the flight, since there is a separate condition above this.



Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) - Read the installation instructions carefully and always launch the game through F4SE.
Address Library for F4SE Plugins - Select the file for your version of the game.
Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019


Dowload the file for your version of the game (in the file description) from the 'Files' tab.
Use any mod manager ("Mod manager download" button) or unpack the archive manually into the game folder ("Manual download" button).
Download and install Address Library for F4SE Plugins for your version of the game.
Download and install Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) for your version of the game - Read the installation instructions and always launch the game through F4SE (f4se_loader.exe file).
To make sure that the mod is loaded correctly:
  • In the f4se.log file (in the C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\F4SE folder) there should be a line "plugin SprintStutteringFix.dll (00000001 Sprint Stuttering Fix... ) loaded correctly". 
  • In this folder there should be a file SprintStutteringFix.log.


The mod is compatible with others.