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This blueprint will add my Abernathy Farm settlement build to your game via the "Transfer Settlements" mod.

It includes housing, shops, workshop stations, perimeter wall, watchtowers and a shooting range, in addition to the existing settlement.

Permissions and credits
Abernathy Farm. 
Built within the long, thin area assigned to this settlement, I tried to give much of the layout a "cramped" feeling; with constructions built on/around each other with narrow alleys between them. 
There are workshop areas, a bar and general/armour/weapon/clothing stores, clinic, guard towers (one is most of the way up the pylon), housing, shooting range, a greenhouse and the existing farm. As well as an enclosure around the daughter, Mary's grave (even though this is outside the settlement bounds), accessible from within the settlement walls. 
A central generator and full wiring around the settlement. 

Settlement stats for 17 people are: 
18 Food
26 Water 
100 Power 
20 Beds 
201 Defence 

This blueprint will add 2864 items to Abernathy Farm. 

This has been exported with Transfer Settlements 1.93 and includes all the wiring. Send some love to CDante for getting this working as it makes complex settlements like this work straight away without you needing to do any work.
This will be installed in slot 10 of Transfer Settlements by default. 

It's recommended that you scrap/store everything within the settlement first and use the option to include "original items". Some of which I kept and moved, this will lead to you having overlapping copies of those items if you don't remove them first... 

This was built with access to all the DLC, and uses many mods to complete the structure and decorate it, which you will need if you want everything shown (see below for list). But you can still use this blueprint if you are missing any of the mods, you will just be missing those assets. 

My settlement walkthrough video can be seen here:

DLCs required: 
Wasteland Workshop 
Far Harbour 
Vault Tec

Mods required for full recreation 
(minus texture replacers):
Transfer Settlements by cdante (Including all the requirements for that mod), 
Homemaker by Nova Coru,  
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) by Gambit77 - Thirdstorm - Valdacil 
Half Width Shack Walls by CitizenRandom 
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack by ccmads 
G2M Workshop by g2mXagent and keppekinosha 
Pipe Galore by Ethreon
Craftable Balcony Supports by DarthWayne 
Concrete walls with window glass by cartman1975 
Captain's Workshop Pack by Captain-Ultima
DDP AIO Standalone by ddproductions83 ("Cookiepocolypse" may work instead) 
Sandbag fortifications by Nutulator and Ethreon 
Snap 'n Build by ad3d0, 
Snappy HouseKit by robboten (and the Snappy_DLC03.esm) 
Some Building Stuff by Quaz30 
Auto Doors by Wenderer 
Box Houses by  Ethreon 
Window Floor and Roof Boards by Necrocytosis 
Minutemen Morale Pack by EvilViking13 
General Dave's Wasteland walls by EvilViking13 
Thematic and Practical (including the DLC) by 5like 
CWSS Redux v2 by FLipdeezy 
OCDecorator by McFace, (Also requires the DLC version). 
Old World Plaids by LupusYondergirl 
NorthlandDiggers Resources by ludvig08 
Eli's Craftable Flower Pots by Elianora (Has been included with Elianora's Fallout Junk Yard. Check the files.) 
Business Settlements by Tamayo831 
Better Cooking Stations by steve40 
OSHA Unapproved Safety Signage by BlandSauce 
Better Stores (with the farharbour esp) by blazeda59 
Lore Friendly Posters by Dhegonus 
FAC paintings by Foggypath 
Working Table Lamps by FrauZockinsky 
Desk Lamps of the Commonwealth (DLC) by User_564511 (not currently available on the Nexus) 
Do it Yourshelf by dinozaurz  (Plus the "extra Ammo"  and "retex" add-ons.) 
Warehouse Shelves for components and ammo by Cartman1975 
Zebrina's Workshop Devices by Zebrina 

Let me know if you find any problems with any of the mod links.

Check the mod page for Transfer Settlements for more information about how these blueprints work and for any issues with importing settlements.