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A mod that improves and randomizes settler gear.

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There are many mods out there that make tweaks or changes to settler outfits and weapons, but I always found issues with them. Could be because they do so by editing vanilla lists and creating compatibility issues or they have too many dependencies. So, I set out to do something a little different. Using collections of vanilla leveled lists to avoid compatibility issues to the best extent I could, I tried to create a varied experience while also supporting other mods, WHILE ALSO not forcing those mods as requirements. Originally this was an experiment I made for personal use, but I am releasing it out into the wide world of Nexus. 

What This Mod Does

First, it adds a bunch of clothing from the DLC and primitive but effective base weapon games to the possibilities for settler outfits and gear so you don't see the same old boring farmhand clothes and pipe guns all the time. Nuka World Jackets, Fuzzy Undergarments, Fisherman's Overalls, you got it. Also, 10mms, double-barrel shotguns, laser muskets, and simple hunting rifles are a possibility. Yes, you will still see farmhand clothes and pipe guns, as the mod does include the base lists as possibilities, but you will also see a lot more. You will also see more hats, glasses, really lots more stuff that the settlers might have on them when they first appear in your settlement. On top of that, Random Settlers will check your load order for certain mods and, if they are there, will perform leveled list injections. I've started with the mods that either add classic fallout outfits to the mix or make the most sense to me as content that fits Fallout 4's overall aesthetic. That goes the same for the weapons. I'm certainly open to adding more in the future. Check the pictures and the video if you want to understand what some of the possibilities are, but your settlers are going to have a lot more style from here on out - which to me feels right as these people would be wearing whatever stuff they found out there in the wastes, or simple stuff they could cobble together to make their own. 

Mods Directly Supported by Random Settlers - 

Capital Wasteland Outfit Pack
Capital Wasteland Merc Outfit Pack
Grease Rat Garbs
Project Mojave (Workshop NPC Outfits)
Backpacks of the Commonwealth (These will be rare)
A Bundle of Tape
Zapgun - A Makeshift Laser Weapon

CROSS_2077 (Basic outfit and jacket)
CROSS_Wasteland_Ronin (.esl version only) (Basic Hakama Underarmor - small chance of rusted torso armor)
CROSS_Institute_Expeditionary_Suit (Basic outfit only)
Creation Club Nuka Collector Workshop (Nuka themed outfits)

Creation Club Slocum Joe's Workshop (Slocum Joe's Uniforms)

As I said, this is what I started with. I may add more in the future and welcome suggestions so long as 1) there's a male and female mesh (I can't randomize it too well if the outfit only works on male or female NPCs) and 2) it's not ridiculously OP such that it doesn't make sense for a settler to be wearing them. Certain guns also create complications since settlers are very low level and so many leveled lists won't ever spawn on them. 

Mods Indirectly Support By Random Settlers - 

This is an interesting area. Because Random Settlers mostly uses vanilla lists and meta-lists of vanilla lists to do what it does, any other mod that injects into them should be compatible. For instance, Caravan Shotgun will appear with the settlers if installed due to its inclusion in the Shotgun leveled lists, as is the Creation Club Handmade Shotgun. The Creation Club Branded Attire Pack is also supported indirectly, as the leveled lists that it injects into are included as as possibilities for outfits. Potentially even the Hunting Shotgun could appear, although that is a higher-level weapon so less likely to spawn on low-level settlers. Some of the mods supported by this are already injected into the leveled lists, but I added extra opportunities so that they were better represented against the vanilla outfits. Also, mods that make tweaks to the vanilla outfits, such as More Clothes and Textures, are also indirectly supported. I also included simple Gunner and Raider weapon lists, so mods that inject weapons in those also have a chance to be represented at the lower-level end of the leveled list. 

Incompatible Mods

Any mod that makes direct changes to the the leveled lists settlers use would be incompatible. This includes Better Settlers, as Better Settlers makes tons, and tons of changes to leveled lists and substitutes many leveled lists.  I may eventually make a patch for Better Settlers, but I kind of intend this to be a lightweight version of better settlers. Some mods that do make changes to the settler lists and templates, such as Simple Settlers, are also compatible because of the way this mod works. At the same time, mods that don't make such changes, such as Lots More Settlers and Enemies, should be compatible. 

What Mods Are Required Then?

The only hard dependencies Random Settlers has are all of the DLC and Workshop Framework. All of the above supported mods are optional. Install what you want. Or don't. If you have them installed, Random Settlers will use them. If not, it won't. Simple as that. It includes the outfits from the DLC and the DLC leveled lists at its base, and it needs Workshop Framework to run its scripting magic. 


As of Version 2.0 - there is now an optional additional .esp that allows the settlers to level up with the player, though at a much slower rate (25%). This means at player level 20, the settlers would be level 5. At player level 40, the settlers would be at level 10. The settlers cap out at level 15. This will allow them to receive better weaponry as they spawn later in the game. They have also been given the default raider ranged combat style, which will make them less clueless in combat. The only potential issue compatibility issue with this is if you use Simple Settlers then you will want to use the other optional file - Random Simple Settlers - Level Up. While Random Settlers is compatible with Simple Settlers on a basic level, this patch is needed to make the leveling work properly.   

But HOW?

Magic scripts from 1000101. I don't know how he does what he does, but he gifted unto me these scripts, and they manage the injections without use of hard dependencies. Without him, this mod would have been unpossible.  


Q1. Do I have to have all those mods you list above installed? 
A1. No, you only have to have the DLC and Workshop Framework. Everything else is supported if you have it, but not used if you don't. 

Q2. Does this require Creation Club Content? I hate it as it is proof that Bethesda is the most evil, greedy corporation on Earth. 
A2. See A1. No, you do not have to have any Creation Club content. If you have it, it will be used. If you don't, it won't.

Q3. I downloaded and installed the mod and I'm not seeing all the stuff in those pictures on my settlers. What is happening?
A3. The images above show the full experience, with all of the supported mods installed. You will only see those outfits and guns if you have at least some of those mods installed. This mod does not package or include any assets from any of those mods and the guns/outfits won't be injected if you don't have them installed.  

Q4. Will you add X, Y, Z outfit?
A4. Depends, I'll consider it. It has to have both a male and female mesh, though, as settlers could spawn either way based on their existing templates and I don't want to mess with the settler templates any more than the minimal amount of substituting I have already done. Weapons, though are trickier. On account of the settlers having low levels, only simple weapons will usually spawn. I like this, though, as it maintains balance.  

Q5. What about Eli's Armour Compendium
A5. Two things. Well, three things. First, I love that mod, but second, there are the dreaded leveled list alteration issues with that mod that many others have grappled with that could result in some unfortunate problems if I inject them into this mod, and it also alters the vanilla leveled lists. This does not really work with the approach I have taken in this mod. Second, according to her Twitch streams, she is fixing that issue as she updates the Compendium. I will definitely look to include it once she releases the new and improved version. In the meantime, you can use WhiskyTangoFawkes' Injected Armors mod. That is compatible with Random Settlers and you will then see Eli's outfits appear. I use it. It works great. Win, Win. 

Q6. There are too many pipe guns. I hate pipe guns. Can you replace all the pipe guns or make them less frequent?
A6. This mod is not a pipe gun replacer, it simply adds other weapons to appear in addition to the pipe gun and I have no intent on changing that. You are welcome to use another mod that is a pipe gun replacer. It should be compatible with this mod as I didn't touch the pipe gun leveled lists at all! As a matter of fact, I used the Raider and Gunner leveled lists for the settlers as I mentioned above. 

Q7. I am seeing X outfit too often and Z outfit not often enough. Can you give me options to customize exactly how often and with what frequency I will see each piece of clothing/accessory?
A7. LOL, I have no idea how I would even begin going about doing that and if you could figure out it you would be a much more skilled modder than me. Also, it's called Random Settlers for a reason.

Q8. I still feel like there are too many vanilla outfits. Can you fix that?
A8. No, because I need to maintain some of the vanilla leveled lists in the mix to keep compatibility with mods that inject into them. See above about indirectly supported mods. Also, if you are bored of the vanilla outfits, try out More Clothes and Textures! It's compatible and will spice things up even more.  

Q9. What is a leveled list? You go on and on about them.  
A9. Yes, that is modder jargon. It's a list of items in the game that has a random chance of spawning an item from its contents based on a variety of factors (player level, NPC level, encounter zone, etc.) They provide possibilities for randomizing things. Fallout 4, along with most Bethesda games, makes very extensive use of them to make your experience less repetitive. 

Q10. Seriously, though, do I have to have Creation Club stuff to play this mod?
A10. See A1 and A2. No you do not. That is your decision and the mod will react accordingly.

Q11. Is it okay to install this mid-playthrough? What about uninstall?
A11. It is okay to install this mid-playthrough. I tested it that way and with a new playthrough and both worked. Mid-playthrough I will just caution that FO4 seems to have a queue of pre-built settlers it pulls from so some of the changes may take a few spawns to start showing up. I'll also emphasize that it will not have any impact on pre-existing settlers. It will only apply the changes to newly spawned settlers. As to uninstalling - I do not recommend it. Theoretically it shsould be entirely safe to uninstall as it only performs leveled list injections, but I personally consider installing any mod mid-playthrough to be risky.