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Several new textures and meshes that, combined, adds tons (literally) of new clothing variations to the game. Vanilla body and CBBE (with BodySlide) versions. Horizon support included.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a work in conjunction with 310N and add several textures and meshes as "non replacer" but without editing the leveled lists of the game either. Everything combined results in more than 7000 new clothing variations*The new textures and models may appear randomly together with the vanilla clothes and can be modified on the workbench too (some are only craftable).

-New clothes leveled listed via scripts.
-The new clothes can be crafted too. 

-The clothes have been modified to accept ballistic weave.
-The clothes have been modified to use only body slot.
-2k textures.
-Vanilla body and CBBE (with BodySlide) versions.

-Horizon support (in optional files).

The vanilla clothes affected are:
* Flannel Shirt and Jeans (image 7)
* Greaser Jacket and Jeans (image 8)
* Gunner guard outfit 
* Letterman's Jacket and Jeans (image 16)
* Padded Jacket (image 14)
* Shirt and Combat Boots (image 2)
* Slicker Hat
* Suit (Patched Three-Piece) (image 14)
* Surveyor Outfit
* Undershirt & Jeans (image 21)
* Winter Jacket and Jeans (image 7)

The NEW clothes are:
* Army Cap (Craft only
* Camo Army Fatigues (images 3, 4)
* Custom Road Leathers (images 12, 13)
* Exclusive T-Shirt & Jeans (Craft only) (image 15)
* Flannel Shirt and Work Boots (images 5, 6, 20)
* Graphic T-Shirt (images 18,19,20)
* Light Jacket (image 9)
* Mercenary Outfit (image 10)
* Outlander Rags (image 11)
* Prison Jumpsuit (Craft only)
* Sports Leather Jacket (Craft only) (images 17, 19)
* Vagrant Clothes (image 22)
* Wanderer Jacket (Craft only)


This mod does not edit the ”leveled item list [LVLI]” at all.  Some new clothes are injected to LL via scripts. Also
[ARMO] is partly edited. If there is a MOD conflict, you will need to create a patch yourself. Other than that, there is no possibility of conflict elsewhere.

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*Clothing variations count:

310N - Textures
Chrislor2882 - Implementation, Textures, Mashup models
...And the following authors for collaborating with some of their assets or in some other way: