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Color logic for Categories

Red - Cheats and Utilities

Yellow - Convenience and Gameplay

Orange - Environmental

Golden - Experimental

Black - Factions

Magenta - Just for fun

Light Green - User Interface and Main Menu

Gray - Modders Resource

Green - Quest and Landmass, Tasks and NPCs

Blue - Settlement and Crafting

Dark Yellow - Weapons and Armor


About Requests
I'm not currently taking requests unless:

1. There's a really good incentive and

2. It's possible for me to do it on a technical level



About Comments

I get over 60 posts each week so I can miss a lot of them. My priorities lie with bug reports and PMs.

About Permission

Do not upload or merge my mods themselves into modpacks

Provided that you credit me - feel free to use my assets in your own projects, or port them to Bethesda.net.

I do not port to Xbox or PS4 do that yourself.

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