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The most in depth perk overhaul on the nexus.

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As featured in Life in the Ruins
see the modlist in the Wabbajack Gallery for more information

The core problem with the Vanilla Perks in FO4, is that Bethesda decided to drop the skill system, which means that most of the perks end up just doing the job of skills, which makes them boring. A lot of mods out there try to fix this by adding back the skill system. True Perks takes a slightly different approach- what if all the perks were actually worthy of being called "Perks"?

This overhaul is specifically balanced for more difficult playthroughs. I recommend you at least run a mod that restricts loot, my personal recommendation (that I made a patch for) is Lunar Fallout Overhaul, but it should work alongside any mod that reduces loot, and increases difficulty slightly. This isn't a requirement, but a lot of the perk changes are meant to complement a lower loot game.

Better Perks, Better Tree
-Generally, perks that are for specialized builds now have higher special requirements and have been consolidated into the same stat, e.g. melee based perks are now all high strength, but things like Local Leader, Lone Wanderer, and ranged weapon perks have low requirements. Almost every perk has been touched, tweaked or moved.
-Perks that are universally useful, but not really required for a build, cap collecter, scrapper, fortune finder, scrounger, have generally have higher requirements. Rank 10 perks are generally now niche perks for specific playstyles that utilize having that special maxed out, rather than just good perks that everyone will want (e.g., Mano a Mano, Sniper).
-Crafting Perks are generally in the middle of the tree, you won't be crafting off a dump stat
-Perks now require increasing specials for each rank (e.g., gunslinger 1 requires agility 1, gunslinger 2 requires agility 2, etc). Special training now maxes out at starting stat + 9.

Weapon Proficiency Damage Perks
The first rank of all weapon damage perks now grants you a scaling bonus, based on your level.

Melee Weapons
Bladed weapons (swords, knives, etc) now gain bonus damage from Agility, instead of strength, and you gain proficiency with them from the Ninja perk, instead of Big Leagues.

The Perks!








Mind Wipe
Chem, available as a rare purchase from Vendors that will allow you to respec the perks from this mod. It will respec special training perks, but not allow you to respec your specials.

Note- that this mod is not compatible with any other respec mod.

Thanks to Mindwipe by Kittytail for the outline of respec script and the open permissions.It's been rewritten to work with True Perks, and to fix various shortcomings.

-Anything that modifies perks will probably be incompatible. This also touches a bunch of game settings (including PlayerPADamage ratio), a few levelled lists, and some recipes. When in doubt, check for conflicts in xedit.
- This overhauls game settings for Sneaking, Lockpicking, and Hacking, you don't need other mods that touch thods, and without a patch they will conflict.

Recommended Load Order for the Full Experience
Lunar Fallout Overhaul (Optional: This is a full overhaul, not just a perk mod)
True Perks
True Perks - Lunar Fallout Patch
True Perks - Survival Addon Module
True Perks - Locky Bastard (replacer patch integrates changes)
True Perks - Ultimate Hacking (replacer patch integrates changes)
True Perks - Freeze Intimidation Overhaul (replacer patch integrates changes)

Other Compatible MOds
Whisky's Simple Power Armor Damage Threshold

Q: Why did you rebrand from Creative Perks Plus?
A: This was a long time coming, this mod started as me tweaking CP, and just kept growing until there was nothing of TaliRedmint's nice, lightweight modular perk overhaul left. When the master was no longer needed for anything, and my mod was so different that comparing the two was just misleading, I decided it was time to rebrand.

Q: Is this compatible with VAFS
A: No, it needs Patching.

Q: Will you make a VAFS patch?
A: No, I don't use VAFS, but feel free to jump in my discord if you want to try and have questions.

Q: How do I take a special over 10
A: Put points in it, they've been uncapped.

Q: Why are my perk icons white / strength training
A: This is caused by a mod conflict, you have something modifying perks after this mod. That mod is moving the perk back to it's original place, and leaving nothing in the perk poster, which results in a filler icon.

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