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Perk Overhaul/Compatibility Patch based on Lunar Fallout and Creative Perks

Permissions and credits
This started as a simple compatibility patch between Lunar Fallout Overhaul, and Creative Perks, but ended up being more of a total perk overhaul based on (and requiring) those two mods, where I rearranged the perk tree, and filled in the gaps that those excellent mods left, and added some extra spice for a survival based playthrough.

Perk Tree Rearranged
Generally, perks that are for specialized builds now have higher special requirements and have been consolidated into the same stat, e.g. melee based perks are now all high strength, but things like Local Leader, Lone Wanderer, and ranged weapon perks have low requirements. Gumshoe (creative perks version of Mysterious Stranger) was moved to Perception, Steady Aim was moved to Perception, Lone Wanderer was moved to Luck (because you need Charisma to not have friends?). Things like that. Perks that are universally useful, but not really required for a build, cap collecter, scrapper, fortune finder, scrounger, have generally have higher requirements.

Level requirements for perks have generally been taken from Lunar Fallout, reduced level requirements from Creative Perks have been removed.

The Perks!
Generally, Crafting, economy and loot, and core damage progression perks have been taken from Lunar Fallout Overhaul. Most of the other perks are from Creative Perks. I have added a few new ones that either creative didn't touch

Armorer: Lunar Fallout Overhaul (description includes fix from Lore Based Power Armor Overhaul - Lunar Fallout compatibility patch)
Shotgun Surgeon: New Perk - acts as a standard damage perk, instead of an additional buff, with ranks following the Lunar Fallout damage perk curve
Strong Back: Creative Perks
Heavy Gunner: Lunar Fallout Overhaul
Blacksmith: Lunar Fallout Overhaul
Ironfist: Creative Perks
Big Leagues: Lunar Fallout
Blitz: Creative Perks
Barbarian: Creative Perks
Pain Train: Creative Perks

Explorer: New Perk, Includes vanilla VANS effects, a move speed buff, and unlocks fast travel in survival mode
Rifleman: Lunar Fallout Overhaul, (bonus no longer applies to shotguns)
Locksmith: Changed 4th Rank, now instead of never breaking a bobby pin, you always start on the sweet spot when lock picking (taken from Creative Perk's Beginners Luck effect)
Steady Aim: Creative Perks
Gumshoe: Creative Perks (feedback request: this might need nerfing, given the armor buffs available to outfits in Lunar Fallout)
Night Person: Rank 1 Vanilla, ranks 2 & 3 Creative Perks (a melee effect doesn't make sense in the perception tree, and the perception buff has some nice mechanical and thematic synergy with Gumshoe)
Awareness: Rank 2 Replaced with "aiming down scopes marks enemies with a compass pip"
Sniper: Creative Perks
Penetrator: Creative Perks
Concentrated Fire: Creative Perks

Toughness: Creative Perks
Wasteland Gourmet: Lunar Fallout
Refractor: Creative Perks
Rad Resistant: Creative Perks
Synth Body: Creative Perks
Ricochet: New Effect - chance to deal damage to attacker (no longer insta-kill)
Athletic Boy/Girl: Creative Perks
Survival Instincts: Creative Perks
Ghoulish: Creative Perks
All Natural: Creative Perks

Local Leader: Creative Perks
Attack Dog: Creative Perks
Inspirational: Creative Perks
Party Boy/girl: Creative Perks
Chem Dependent: Lunar Fallout
Cap Collector: Lunar Fallout
Lady Killer /Black Widow: Creative Perks
Animal Friend: New Effect - Animals are now neutral / friendly / commandable (no longer based on the intimidation mechanic)
Pest Control: Creative Perks
Intimidation: Creative Perks

Medic: New Perk - Now heals you faster, instead of just more
Engineering: Lunar Fallout
Demolition Expert: Lunar Fallout
Hacking: Vanilla (I recommend using the Auto-Hack mod, or if you really hate hacking, Easy Hacking)
Chemist: Lunar Fallout
Scrapper: Creative Perks
Science: Lunar Fallout
Robotics: Creative Perks
Nuclear Physicist: Creative Perks
Forced Evolution: New Perk - themed around creating a modified FEV strain, and injecting yourself to become part super mutant. Grants permanent improvements to Strengh and Endurance, but penalties to Charisma, immunity to Disease, and health regeneration below 50% that scales with how much health you are missing. (Don't try to remove this perk with a respec mod, the stat changes really are permanent)

Gunslinger: Lunar Fallout (plus the UFO4 fix to gunslinger 5)
Wasteland Commando: New Perk grants bonuses while using Pipe Guns (Pipe Guns in lunar fallout are generally bad, this gives an option for players who want to use them)
Quick hands: Creative Perks
Action: Creative Perks
Sneak: Creative Perks
Acrobatics: Creative Perks
Thievery: Creative Perks
Ninja: Creative Perks
Mr Sandman: Creative Perks
Gun Fu: Vanilla (I prefer perks which affect how you play the game, and static flat bonuses don't do that. Lunar Fallout + Lore Based Power Armor Overhaul already change power armor enough, that a max tier perk to encourage not using power armor is unnessary)

Beginner's Luck: New Perk (based on giving weird random effects)- Rank 1 Chance to recieve 3x exp from any action, rank 2 Gives you a chance to find more ammo on your last shot, Rank 3 your enemies explode in a shower of caps
Lone Wanderer: Creative Perks
Fortune Finder: Lunar Fallout
Scrounger: Lunar Fallout
Classic Crits: Creative Perks
Four Leaf Clover: New Perk - the effects from Creative Perks version of Beginners Luck (flat bonuses based on luck) have been moved here
Better Criticals: Creative Perks
Life Giver: New Effect - Gives you a chance to avoid damage while at full health, also gives a random fortify health effect to wine (Credit to MoonRacer's Wasteland Messiah for inspiration on the Wine effects)
Deadly Rush: Creative Perks
Grim Reaper Sprint:  New Perk Effect- Variant of nerd rage, increases movement speed, gives a dodge chance, and action points on kills

Levelled Specials
An optional file is included which adds level requirements to Special Training, specials can only be increased through training every 7 levels.

-Anything that modifies perks will probably be incompatible (Auto-Hack is fine) and need patching.
-Survival mods that enable fast travel should be turned off if you want the effect of explorer unlocking survival travel to matter.

-Perk Poster re-centering: a few of the perk animations are still in the wrong place
-Balancing and testing: I've only done basic testing on the perks, please provide any feedback in the comments. In general, my balance target is a Lunar Fallout survival playthrough with damage modifiers reduced to either normal or hard levels (personally, I love the extra details in survival, but hate that stealth ends up being the only real viable build).